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ZIA is a fantastic teen fantasy full of inventive details and believable characers It is a very smart, very funny, very sexy novel that adults will enjoy as well If you live in Central Florida, you will also love the futuristic setting in Orlando and Celebration the Disney built town Readers will be anxiously awaiting the sequel once they ve finished this book. Really enjoyed this storey Good teenager love affair meets the stars Enjoyed so much I got the next straight after I finished Zia These are not long books. I absolutely loved this book It is a definitely a fantasy story, but it completely sucked me into the story from beginning to end I saw a sequel on , but it looks like its only in PB I usually read all of my books through Kindle.I guess I ll have to go old school for this one A solid 5 out of 5 star rating This book is great Everyone should read it It s full of awesome stuff Since it s based in the future the author includes a bunch of devices and things that don t exist today I thought that was really cool too If you like romance , this book is right for you It is better than any sparkly vampire, that is for sure It is a definite must read, you won t be able to put it down. Almost lost me with the pug bit in the beginning. Zia is the most entertaining read for the summer I see this book becoming the next Twilight Harry Potter rave I can t wait for the next sequel. .KINDLE ♪ ZIA ⚇ Open the door of imagination and step into the futuristic world of ZIA A world where the elderly are rejuvenated at the New U Resurrection Clinic, family pets are cloned at the Carbon Copy Pet Center and seventeen year old girls can fall in love with someone from across the universe Join Zia in a romantic fantasy filled with sexy surprises and a love triangle big enough to span two worlds