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READ PDF â Your Money or Your Life õ In times like these, it simportant than ever to know the difference between making a living and making a life Your Money or Your Life is evenrelevant today than it was when the book first hit the stands, and a great publicity campaign will bring this already strong selling book to a whole new audience. 3 stars for the audiobook, but I m holding my review until I can get a physical copy because people have told me they re much different experiences and the content is in the physical copy. I could and will read and re read this book, not for its literary value but for its simple explanations of concrete ways to observe your own connection with the material world Whether or not you fully practice its program, it is the sanest and most convincing account of the importance of financial savvy for those of us who proclaimed, Money and fancy material things don t matter to me so why should I try to manage my finances Its message from ten years ago rings truer today than it did now, and I think my own generation will even appreciate its message I m not a big self help book reader Yet, just the act of seriously studying this book and hence becoming intentional with my finances has relieved me of debt, anxiety about money, made me in touch with what is really valuable and joyful to me, and inspired me to look toward a career as a financial counselor I would recommend this book to all my friends for it surely has lessons for everyone YMYL was recommended to me by a friend, who gave up her stable teaching position to run a used bookstore after reading this book This was my first foray into the self help genre The prose is laughably hokey at the most inopportune times, but the message is worth slogging through the mantras and the affirmations Plus, the nine step program actually works, if you re willing to commit to it I started out, skeptical, with a step I thought I could stick to keeping track of my spending, and became curious about the rest of my financial health from there By the time, a year and a half later, I faced the last maudlin step calculating how much time you have left in your life , I found it so thoroughly shocking in my case, less than half a million hours based on average life expectancy that I realized staying in a job that made me miserable wasn t worth it, so I quit I guess, in that sense, this book delivers on its hokey promise to change your life. I m kind of squeamish about the 5 stars I m giving this, because I don t think this is a well written book The tone is nearly unbearable at times think of the most stereotypical motivational speaker you ve ever heard However, the ideas in this book are impressive, and I find myself thinking about them, rather against my will, even 3 years after having read the book Part of my struggle with this book is that I actually love my work, so trying to hurry up and earn my money so that I can retire just isn t that appealing However, there s a cycle of spending that I can get hooked into, where I m blowing hundreds of dollars in 3 5 dollar increments Reading this book helped me interrupt that cycle Not that I don t still go there, mind you I just have some alternatives now for getting out of it.