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!Download Epub ô You Exist Too Much ⚣ On A Hot Day In Bethlehem, A Year Old Palestinian American Girl Is Yelled At By A Group Of Men Outside The Church Of The Nativity She Has Exposed Her Legs In A Biblical City, An Act They Deem Forbidden, And Their Judgement Will Echo On Through Her Adolescence When Our Narrator Finally Admits To Her Mother That She Is Queer, Her Mother S Response Only Intensifies A Sense Of Shame You Exist Too Much, She Tells Her DaughterTold In Vignettes That Flash Between The US And The Middle East From New York To Jordan, Lebanon, And Palestine Zaina Arafat S Debut Novel Traces Her Protagonist S Progress From Blushing Teen To Sought After DJ And Aspiring Writer In Brooklyn, She Moves Into An Apartment With Her First Serious Girlfriend And Tries To Content Herself With Their Comfortable Relationship But Soon Her Longings, So Closely Hidden During Her Teenage Years, Explode Out Into Reckless Romantic Encounters And Obsessions With Other People Her Desire To Thwart Her Own Destructive Impulses Will Eventually Lead Her To The Ledge, An Unconventional Treatment Center That Identifies Her Affliction As Love Addiction In This Strange, Enclosed Society She Will Start To Consider The Unnerving Similarities Between Her Own Internal Traumas And Divisions And Those Of The Places That Have Formed HerOpening Up The Fantasies And Desires Of One Young Woman Caught Between Cultural, Religious, And Sexual Identities, You Exist Too Much Is A Captivating Story Charting Two Of Our Most Intense Longings For Love, And A Place To Call Home I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was absolutely lovely I couldn t put it down The prose is so immersive you just get sucked into the story and can t leave The vignettes move slowly, but they layer on each other so beautifully to give you the sensation of when you wake up from a vivid dream and can t shake it for the rest of the day The description of border checkpoints and the cruelty of Israeli occupation is so sharply rendered, and adds so much depth to the book as the narrator grapples with how the trauma her Palestinian mother has endured manifests in their relationship I m so glad this book exists. It s always frustrating when a blurb promises one thing but the book does not follow thru You Exist intrigued me because it was seemingly a story of culture clash, a young American of Palestinian descent who struggles between the expectations of her Arab heritage and her quest to come into her own, an out and proud bisexual woman Unfortunately, 80% of the book does nothing of the sort The novel is told in first person present tense and reads like a journal that mostly details the mc s college partying days and bed hopping as well as her time at a therapy camp Much too long and tedious But at the very end, the narrative brightens and we get a taste of what might have been The unnamed main character takes us along as she enters the West Bank to attend her grandmother s funeral It s one of only a few brief but powerful moments throughout the book that reveal the heart of the story, a glimpse into the life of an American living between the Middle East and the USA and what it all might mean for a Palestinian woman who loves another woman Also importantly, a volatile daughter mother relationship exists that infuses much of the character s behavior but again, there s simply not enough development Undoubtedly, all of these short passages are where the book shines and I sincerely hope that the author revisits the material and revises the focus because it s too important a story to leave untold That s a book I would read willingly It is a bizarre and unsettling feeling, to exist in a liminal state between two realms, unable to attain full access to one or the other I received this arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. For fans of Garth Greenwell and Weike Wang, You Exist Too Much is a startling debut novel of desire and doubleness following the life of a young Palestinian American woman caught between cultural, religious, and sexual identities. YOU EXIST TOO MUCH is a novel following an unnamed narrator back and forth through time, across the United States and the Middle East Our narrator is a Palestinian American queer woman grappling with a love addiction, a complex relationship with her mother, and countless destructive relationships The novel follows her as she goes into treatment for love addiction I can see her being an unlikeable character for sure, but I was helplessly rooting for her to face her demons, set boundaries with her mother, and develop a healthy relationship to intimacy.I really enjoyed this book It was readable, engaging, and easy to get lost in something I needed Queer literature so often explores topics of shame around sexuality the desire for family acceptance, but I rarely get tired of reading them and this brought a fresh perspective since I haven t read a lot of queer Arab literature.I read a negative review on Goodreads that critiqued this book for its portrayal of bisexuality There are SO many harmful tropes about bisexuals as devious, promiscuous cheaters, etc, and the main character certainly is unfaithful struggles w commitment However I felt like the novel wasn t falling into a trope bc the author fully fleshed out the depth behind our protagonist s flawed relationship with her mother, how that showed up in her intimate relationships, and her desire to correct that I m open to other perspective on this there s a lot to unpack in this book.Thank you to the publisher for the free book in exchange for an honest review I genuinely enjoyed this recommend preordering it before it comes out in June