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!Download Book ♹ Yard Sale ☬ An RL Mathewson ChronicleHaley takes Jason out with her to visit yard sales I love the dynamic between Haley and Jason. Jason will never change and I hope he never does Haley still has her hands full with this one but you can tell she does not mind at all This yard sale business seems simple enough but leave it to Jason to get into a fight with a small child as usual a funny very short page love them Bradfords Safe read Another amazing little snippet I love Jason and Haley together but I think Trevor and Zoe are my favorites 3.75 Cute little fictbit showing how Jason got banned from yard sales with HaleyEnjoyable Jason is too cute So sweet Happy reading Am I eating cotton candy Oh, wait, it s just all the fluff This is romance the Bradford way. Cute Jason and Hayley story about them going to yard sales. This was a fun quick read about Haley and Jason going to a yard sale Of course Jason has a way of mucking it up but was a quick lit glimpse into their married life For fans of series this is one to seek out.