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`Kindle ⇻ Women who Spank Men: Volume 3 ↶ Darren has such a mighty ego that he thinks of himself as God s gift to women Unfortunately, he is blinkered to the actuality that female reactions to his advances are expressed as repulsion, disgust, indignation, or amusement In an ebullient mood, Darren attends the office Christmas party and makes a real nuisance of himself, earning the displeasure of colleagues Linda and Heather and also his wife, Sylvia Darren is sent to wait in the car while Sylvia speaks to Linda and Heather If Darren expects the episode to blow over, he is proved wrong Sylvia, a firm believer in corporal punishment, informs Darren that he is to be whipped for his behaviour at the party, and that the victims of his abuse are to witness the whipping Darren being Darren expects a light spanking followed by a sex orgy where he can show off his magnificent cock How wrong can he be This book also includes the following stories Crash by Albert WatcherA Trip to the Laundry Room by Jonathan Quincy GravesA Management Problem by Jacqueline ScottSeven Year Switch by Angela Stone and Roland HarmleyThe Sting by Ryan Rowland