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{Read Book} ¿ Womble Stories (Vintage Beeb) Û Join Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tobermory, Madame Cholet and all the other Wombles in these six wonderful stories by Elisabeth Beresford Snow falls on the common, there s a visit from a Scottish cousin, Wellington finds a balloon, and Madame Cholet goes on extended leave all with chaotic results The MacWomble s Pipe Band , The Snow Womble , Tomsk and the Tired Tree , Orinoco Runs Away , Wellington and the Blue Balloon and Madame Cholet s Picnic Party are all sure to delight listeners young and old, read by Bernard Cribbins, the voice of the much loved TV series The original LP has been digitally remastered for this release Vintage Beeb classic albums first available as BBC LPs, now reissued on CD and as downloads Guidance as this contains archive off air material the sound quality may vary CDhr 42 WORD REVIEW Six bite sized Womble stories much in the vein of the five minute TV episodes, read by Bernard Cribbins for a 1976 LP recording By staying true to their personalities, various of the loveable, childlike Wombles stray briefly and safely into happily ended difficulties. A great collection of stories, which bring back fond memories of watching the Wombles on TV.