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[[ Read E-pub ]] Ø Wildflowers of Southwestern Utah á This fully revised edition of Wildflowers of Southwestern Utah takes an ecological approach to plant identification, introducing readers to eight wildflower communities of the Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks region, from deep canyons to broad plateaus Each of theentries offers keys to identification along with interesting and useful information Did you know that: Native Americans made chewing gum from rabbitbrush? Yarrow was used to treat indigestion and toothaches?; Settlers used needles from Douglas fir as a coffee substitute?; Seeds of the Canada violet are spread when the mature seedpods violently burst?; Flowers of the bronze evening primrose bloom for one night only? Beautifully illustrated with overfullcolor photographs and thanline drawings, Wildflowers of Southwestern Utah is the definitive guide to this region, written for both the novice and experienced naturalist