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`Read Epub ô Why Are We Waiting?: The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change ⚷ An urgent case for climate change action that forcefully sets out, in economic, ethical, and political terms, the dangers of delay and the benefits of actionThe risks of climate change are potentially immense The benefits of taking action are also clear we can see that economic development, reduced emissions, and creative adaptation go hand in hand A committed and strong low carbon transition could trigger a new wave of economic and technological transformation and investment, a new era of global and sustainable prosperity Why, then, are we waiting In this book, Nicholas Stern explains why, notwithstanding the great attractions of a new path, it has been so difficult to tackle climate change effectively He makes a compelling case for climate action now and sets out the forms that action should takeStern argues that the risks and costs of climate change are worse than estimated in the landmark Stern Review inand far worse than implied by standard economic models He reminds us that we have a choice We can rely on past technologies, methods, and institutions or we can embrace change, innovation, and international collaboration The first might bring us some short term growth but would lead eventually to chaos, conflict, and destruction The second could bring about better lives for all and growth that is sustainable over the long term, and help win the battle against worldwide poverty The science warns of the dangers of neglect the economics and technology show what we can do and the great benefits that will follow an examination of the ethics points strongly to a moral imperative for action Why are we waiting The best climate change economics general public book that exists, about the climate change externality as the largest market failure in history, written by World Bank Chief Economist and author of the now famous Stern Review. Revisi de l informe, m s complet i actualitzat Llegit en diagonal M s de consulta que lectura inspiradora. One of the compelling books about the issue, giving a rational view of current available technologies and how they would provide a solution to current climate change The issue has been discussed comprehensively and logically taking into consideration not only political but also technological, psychological, sociological as well as ethical roles of our society.