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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♿ Whoo-Oo is It? ☨ Both a bedtime story and an accurate presentation of a barn owl s extraordinary hearing capacity, which she puts to use on the moonlit night the first of her nestlings hatches This magnificent hymn to night, night sound, and birth, is by the award winning creators of Is This a House for Hermit Crab Full color illustrations This is a great book you can use to introduce the concept on animals, especially owls this is a great way to create a setting for learning about animals by reading this story at read aloud. Another owl storytime book, though can t decide if I want to use it or not A nature story about a mother barn owl guarding her five eggs while the father bird goes out to hunt She keeps hearing weird noises and can t figure out where they re coming from One of her babies hatches and she realizes the noises are coming from the eggs Beautiful illustrations of owls and the nighttime. I read this one to Gillian s kindergarten class in the garden behind the school It was a chilly October day, and the kids huddled together in the gazebo They really liked the pictures and the sounds of different animals and other noises This was a new book for me I got it at Central a couple weeks before. A soft poetic book, great for a lesson on sounds, predictions, and imaging. The kids liked this book. I didn t like it It was kind of dumb. The book Whoo oo Is It doesn t tell you everything so you have to make up what happened before the book so it would make since to you You never know why there were so many animals in the same place all at once I would recommend this book to kids that like to make up stuff.