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Excellent book dealing with every facet of the Last Journey Death Covered is everything from how the most ancient peoples dealt with death to modern times causes of death in the U.S v U K with stats burial customs taking care of bodies after death such as embalming religious views and practices, and muchIncluded are photos that help illustrate the topics at hand A must read for thanatophiles death lovers This was good, actually got better as one went along, like the last third. This book covered some interesting subjects relating to death but I only gave it two stars To be honest, I would have given it another star if the author had refrained from expressing his opinion so much It got rather old when he d jump on his soapbox I also didn t like how it jumped around Granted, I am a HUGE fan of Mary Roach s book on death called Stiff, so perhaps I am a bit biased Very well written and comprehensive review of the major topics surrounding death presented in a scientific manner without sensationalism I really enjoyed this book and recommend it as one of the better books out there on this topic I plan to buy this book and reference it often [ DOWNLOAD PDF ] ☦ When We Die : The Science, Culture, and Rituals of Death ☨ An unusually comprehensive study of death as both a social and scientific phenomenon, When We Die is as frank as it is informed This far reaching discussion considers mortality from the personal and the universal perspective, generously citing past and present poets and physicians from a diverse and telling range of traditions Mims, who for two decades served as Professo When the author implies the book is backed up by sources in the opening, usually a sign of a not well researched book Could not finish this book.