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~Free E-pub ♬ When I Feel Scared ⚖ Children will recognize similar experiences in their own lives as this little bear describes feeling scared when he has a bad dream or his mother goes away Eventually our hero realizes that it s OK to be scared sometimes, and there are ways he can help himself when he s frightened Great book to help children with their fears. This book is great for parents to read to their children when they feel scared This book is a very good book to help your children identify what being scared means, and how to overcome it This book give parents ideas on how to help their children cope with the feeling of being scared. I thought this was a cute little book The illustrations are really cute and go with the story It talks about what you can do if you are feeling scared I like how it not only talks about what you can do, but it also talks about things you can do to prevent yourself from getting scared. BL 2.10.5 pts Excellent series that explains to both children and adults on how to manage emotions. What a wonderful book to describe what being scared means, how it feels, and what it might look like Plus it gives some tools to learn how to deal with being scared. A good book to connect the feeling of being scared it s okay to be scared and there are ways to cope with that feeling. I liked it a lot Wolfie, 6yoThis is a simple and effective book in terms of suggesting different ways that children can take charge of their fears It also identifies which fears are helpful growling dog, playing near street vs unfounded fears monster under bed, etc Definitely recommend. With simple language, this book illustrates how children can react when they feel scars I like it the most when my children started asking questions while reading this book.