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A young couples pre Christmas movie night is crashed by Nelson s boner pill drugged, womanising old college roommate, who Natalie dislikes Will he succeed in seducing Natalie and cuckolding his pal A short but extremely hot, tense and captivating cuckolding story Has to be read This author is fast becoming one of my favourites in the genre. Wow Scorching hot, descriptive fun KT is a master at describing the female orgasm in all its gradations I love how the reader is able to visualize so much detail Her worshipful portrait of the bull s big dick is second to none ( Free Pdf ) ♶ Watching Natalie Cheat ♇ Nelson and Natalie Stacks are settling in for the night to spend some together time It s been a long week of work and they ve got one night together before they have to spend some time apart One night alone, that s all Nelson wanted But it seems fate has other plans Soon, there s a knock on the door behind it a ghost from the past They let him in it s freezing outside And even though Natalie has never been a fan of Nelson s old college housemate, she s ready to let the bad of the past remain there Besides, it seems like he s brought quite the gift