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This is a Chinese BL Novel which was translated into English by some fans The translation is already completed and available for reading on the 2 separate translator's blog page 1) Mnemeaa: From Chapter 1 to Chapter 112) Panisal: continues from Chapter 12 till CompletionAssociated Names: 俘虏 (Li Hua Yan Yu) (小説) / Tù Binh (Novel)Genre: Drama / Historical / Romance / YaoiCategories: Ancient China / Blackmail / Emperor / Enemies Become Lovers / King(s) / Kingdom(s) / Royalty / Smart Male Lead / Strong Leader / Torture* 18th January 2015 I am not good at reviews but I do have something to say This novel wrecked me Mentally and Emotionally It was so good, well written, and I experienced many complex emotions and the ending was just absolutely beautiful I wanna go back and savor it, know that while in the beginning the story gave me hell and halfway tore up my insides to the end where I my heart was patched back together with that ending I will never forget it The story was art. A BOOK TO REMEMBERI don't have much to say about this beautiful story if not that it's one of my favorite Chinese novels, also one of the most complete literarily speaking It was obvious that the author let it mature before thinking about publishing it I also felt the author's fondness for the characters I don't know how I know it since I didn't read the original version but I think it's something that only a writer can sense and understand at this level When authors write with their hearts, it stands out and there is nothingprecious for a reader than to have the feeling to be an honored guest into an author's personal universe Trash books don't give those impressions but masterpieces, like War Prisoner, do There's no mistaking when your heart throbs as you read the goodbye sentence at the end of a book and have the feeling that you just lived another life and died with the characters I might be crazy Great books leave me wondering All this might sound ridiculous, but I recommend you to read it If you read it, you will understand I read it four times and I know that I will read it again I miss the little devil, Wanyan Shuo, already :) Don't know why I insisted to finish this story since the MC was the type I hate, a martyr whose stupidity knows no bounds I couldn't sympathize with him since all his misfortunes after being a prisoner were actually his own doing For some people, once a slave is always a slave, even after they're freed or their position is elevated.The king was also a joke, just a smitten puppy His teenage son was far better than him Compared to Hua Hua Yuo Long, this story was meh. [ Read ] ☬ War Prisoner [俘虏] ♷ Best Ebook, War Prisoner [俘虏] Author Li Hua Yan Yu (梨花烟雨) This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book War Prisoner [俘虏], essay by Li Hua Yan Yu (梨花烟雨) Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you When I put it in my reading list I was expecting a military novel with generals, wars, military plans and invasions I got less than a half of what I expected and was kinda disappointed Moreover, they the translators said there will be horrible torture scenes and I was waiting to see the horrible torture scenes and violence they mentioned but couldn't get past it Another thing, the torture scenes weren't detailed enough so I couldn't really imagine or feel the suffering Su Yi went through, so I was a little sad because I couldn't fully comprehend the whole scene It's not like I enjoy torture scenes of course, but they weren't like how I expected them OK, I read this novel with a lot of expectation and that's kinda my fault, and I feel like I owe the novel or the author an apology; I'm sorry Well, that was all at the beginning, and all that doesn't change the fact that I loved this novel Su Su was a general with a very kind heart I loved that about him, I respect him and I'm happy that he found happiness at the end WanYan was a very sweet and caring husband Shuo Er was a very cute son and him being a little devil just added to his cuteness I really loved the relationship between Shuo Er and Su Su Then we have Xia Er He is my favorite character in this novel I really couldn't blame him for refusing treating Su Yi and I was so proud of him when he actually went I really love him and wish him happiness too. A beautiful Chinese historical bl novel Su Yi is an imposing 7'0 young, attractive military general who is taken captive by the emperor's army and brought before the young emperor who falls for him Not before Su Yi (SuSu to the smitten emperor) is tortured on command of the emperor and violated by the emperor who can't have his way with Su Yi, so he resorts to violating Su Yi Not a good start to this ultimately beautiful relationship This once imposing military general becomes a kept canary, fighting his burgeoning feelings for the emperor He doesn't exactly sit aside though because intrigue and deceit follow Su Yi, who becomes Empress A fall befalls Su Yi and he finds himself a servant This silly emperor needs to be slapped though for how much he fails to listen to and defend Si Yi That just wasn't cool though there's a happy ending Su Yi's intelligence and heart are ultimately what the silly Emperor realizes are the things that attracts him to Su Yi, and they get to have their happy ending. a translated book that brought tears to my eyes! what a wonderful BL story lots of ups and downs and a HEA that you just can't wait to get to (lots of suffering) i swear! beautiful imagery if you can follow along sometimes the translation is a bit sketchy so you have to fill in the blanks But totally worth the time! :) I loved the Crown prince's character and the ending of this story There was some unnecessary angst in the novel, especially at the beginning, but there's a plot and interesting characters. GOOD GOOOD GOOD ODODODOOD IDOJ VERY VERY GOOD BOOK IF YOU REALLY DONT MIND THE STUPID BEGINNING.