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A departure from the normal Tovey books While it does contain some of the Siamese cats antics and some stories of living in the country, it is mostly about the death of Charles and Doreen s grief and belief that Charles is still there just off stage Her grief made it adifficult book to get through. I love all Doreen Tovey s books but found this one extraordinarily interesting including, as it does, the circumstances and incidents around Charles death. *DOWNLOAD BOOK ☊ Waiting in the Wings ↡ Since the publication of her highly successful Cats in the Belfry, Doreen Tovey s books about life in a small Somerset village with her husband, Charles, a succession of Machiavellian Siamese cats, Annabel the donkey and some very eccentric neighbors, have attracted an audience who have followed the chronicles of the Tovey household through the years as though it were their ownThe latest installment, initially as hilarious as ever with its account of Annabel s adventures in a television studio and the consistent efforts of Saska and Shebalu, the currently reigning Siamese, to undermine their owners image, takes a tragic turn with the sudden death of Charles But the author copes with this shattering blow, and gradually regains her sense of humor as she attempts to drive a car on her own, tow a trailer, paint a cottage, and deal with the lugubrious Mrs Binney and the antisocial handyman Mr Panting