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^Pdf ↡ Voyages to the Moon ⇤ Voyages to the Moon is an exhaustive and fascinating study of voyages from the earth to other worlds, usually to the moon or planets, but not always Written by a former dean of Smith College, the book is an outgrowth of lectures inIt is a scholarly treatment in a popular manner of a universally interesting themePrimarily, the book is a study of the cosmic voyages as known by English readers in the th and th centuries, before the advent of the hot air balloon Nicholson explores Cicero, Plutarch, Plato, and Lucian, and includes stories about the invention of telescope stimulated the creation of tales on voyages to an inhabited moon She discusses John Wilkins Discovery of a New World, which was intended to prove that the moon might be a habitable world It also includes apage bibliography Throughout the book the author calls attention the the satirical themes used by writers such as John Donne, Samuel Johnson, Swift and Voltaire Nicholson traces the growth of man s concept of mass transportation to other worlds, grouping her tales according to the methods of travel employed by the writers Sections include such topics as supernatural voyages flight by artificial wings flight by the help of fowls trips by flying machines, kites, balloons, and contraptions powered by magnetism, electricity are also mentioned