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These just get better and better as the series continues This one even legitimately freaked me out for a little while there, Green is perfecting his haunting a with creepy results. Very different to what I thought it would be Very different from the Nightside books! Enjoyed it, though it was a bit heavy going at times (That was just my mood) But it's a story that doesn't go so fast you wonder how on earth it could possibly happen If you're wanting something a little 'meatier' to get your teeth into, give this a go. @Download Book ⚣ Voices from Beyond (Ghost Finders, #5) Í Meet the operatives of the Carnacki Institute—JC Chance: the team leader, brave, charming, and almost unbearably arrogant; Melody Chambers: the science geek who keeps the antisupernatural equipment running; and Happy Jack Palmer: the terminally gloomy telepath Their mission: Do Something About Ghosts Lay them to rest, send them packing, or just kick their nasty ectoplasmic arses… In a quiet London suburb, four university students participating in an experiment inside a reputed haunted house hold a séance that goes terribly wrong What—or who—ever they summoned has taken their minds away, leaving them empty shells Enter the Ghost Finders, ready to confront an enraged poltergeist for the students’ very souls All in a day’s work—except the team doesn’t know that in another part of the city, a different entity has also breached the threshold between worlds And this time what is at stake is not four lives—but the very existence of all humanity Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasySimon R Green’s stories tend to have a dark twisted humor to them that makes the at times graphic horror of what is happeningmanageable VOICES FROM BEYOND definitely is classic Simon R Green with the difference being that these protagonists have slightly less super powers than his other books I liked that as it made the story feelintense and their victory evenearned.Now that isn’t to say there are no paranormal abilities in the motley crew that makes up the Ghost Finders We have Happy, the pill addicted telepath who I adored as he was the source of most of the wit and cheekiness of this story JC and his ghost girlfriend Kim are probably the most serious of the group and Melody is the science/tech girl of the team.The main mystery in VOICES FROM BEYOND is set in a radio station called Radio Free Albion where voices are being heard over the broadcast The Ghost Finders come in to help and they find out what their future holds for them in the aftermath of this case through a series of ghastly warnings and images of their future selves There is a very heavy horror element here as much of the imagery and descriptions of the evil the characters face is really, really disturbing and gory.VOICES FROM BEYOND is a fun mystery, heavy on the horror element and kept me entertained throughout If you enjoy Simon R Green’s other series you’ll find the Ghost Finder series right up your alley. Full review here: and over the top, as usual, but fun to read. This really felt like a placeholder novel Nothing was really resolved or addressed to fit the larger narrative I don't know why this series feels so different than Green's others, but each books just feels shallow. Definitely getting darker and edgier, but the human dimension is also growing, much as it does in the Night Side The formula is balanced by some nice complexity. I know Simon R Green isn't for everyone, but I have fun with his books everytime. If anyone other than Simon R Green had written this, I would have given up after the second chapter I have serious issues with the Ghostfinders, as a series, and as a group of fictional people, and I only keep reading because I'm a completist Well, ok, Green's offdays are better than a lot of people's ondays, but I hold this truth to be selfevident: the Ghostfinders books are no better than any other airport bookstore novel On to my complaints.As a series, I hate the Ghostfinders, because these are ideas and cases that could be saved for his other, better, series (serieses?) It actually makes me angry to think that the Nightside is ending, and I'm gettingof this series.Can you imagine this story playing out in the Secret Histories series? It would be amazing It would be great It would have been freaking unbelievable in the Nightside A haunted radio station with gory and disturbing messages that change depending on who hears them? Also, the Ghostfinders haven't earned their status as a group who are able to walk away from the kind of paradox that their victory here has created JC tells himself that he remembers being on the other side of that conversation Which means that up to that point, everything is the same, so how does it turn out differently? John Taylor, however, walks through that kind of paradox like most people walk through puddles.As a fictional entity I am unable to further suspend my disbelief regarding the Carnacki Institute In their last two cases, the Ghostfinders have definitely stepped into Drood jurisdiction, have handled it far worse than a Drood, any Drood, would have, and have been saved by coincidence or their own pocket deus ex machina There has to come a point, and the fact that it hasn't happened yet is what bothers me, when a group like the Droods have to look at a group like the Carnacki Institute and say Ok, pack it up You're hurtingthan you're helping, and if we catch you playing in our sandbox again, we will erase you, with prejudice.This feeling is not helped by the fact that Carnacki is the latecomer, and this group that was never mentioned before was suddenly being mentioned in the same breath as the Droods or whatever other Big Operation is being mentioned in the Nightside or Secret Histories novels They don't feel that big or powerful I guess part of the appeal (for most) of the Ghostfinders is that they arerelatable as normal humans (relatively, in Green's urban fantasy works) than his other protagonists? Except they aren't, with the possible exception of Melody Happy is too powerful JC is too arrogant Kim is too Manic Pixie Ghost Girl.I've written in a previous review that I feel like Green is trying to write this in the style of a suspense/paramilitary organization fiction All of the tropes show up I just wish Green was using a better playground to use them. The Ghost Finders of Carnacki Institute have faced off against some powerful spirits This time, they are having to stop an immensely powerful beast that can literally change reality to suit its own needs If they fail, which seems to be a given, the Earth as we know it will end.Simon R Green is one of my favorite writers I loved his Nightside series The Ghost Finders seems to be a logical next step for me But it has some problems The menaces are so huge and while JC, Melody, and Happy Jack all have some neat powers, tech, and tricks, it never really seems enough to win But they always manage to find some small way to pull out a victory It would be like a giant space ship (say the size of a moon) that has tons of defenses but also has one small vent shaft that would allow a torpedo to go directly to its power core and blow it up.The problem is now that they have faced off against such large and powerful foes, they have to keep fighting ones at least that tough That meanstrick wins A vicious cycle Don't get me wrong, I love the characters Their interaction with each other and those around them is what makes the story worth reading It is a dark, twisted tale with plenty of action, suspense and even some humorous bits I just wish they had arrealistic chance of winning without a minor miracle saving them right at the end after they have had everything else fail I am going with 3.5 stars.