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[[ Ebook ]] ☞ Vittel Diary (22.5.43-16.9.43) ☔ Yitzhak Katzenelson s Vittel Diary is much a jeremiad of exceptional power than it is a diary This work, which was composed inin Vittel, an internment camp in eastern France, has relatively little to say about life in this comparatively benign place The greatest horror that Vittel had to offer to the inhabitants was the real and ever present fear of being declared stateless and deported to a death camp That is what, in fact, did happen to Katzenelson and his eldest son who was incarcerated in Vittel with him both were deported to Auschwitz, where they were murderedIn terms of specific and concrete historical information, Katzenelson s Vittel Diary has quite a lot to say about the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, to which he was an eyewitness as well as being involved with the resistance It should be mentioned that byKatzenelson was well informed and fully aware of what was happening to European Jewry He also learned that his wife and two younger sons had been deported to a concentration camp where, he assumed with good reason, they had been separated from each other, stripped naked, and gassed The overarching structure, theme, and style of this work are informed by Katzenelson s need to give voice to the ineffable anguish and devastation he feels at the loss of the two things he loves most dearly the Jewish people and his family