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NEW UPDATE 17 05 2017Over two years and no update I ve given up because this is just disrespectful to us the readers and fans I was really hoping for the conclusion of this story, but alas, the author has completely let us down I m very disappointed and just sad 02 02 2015C mon Kami, I think it s about time you at least revealed the cover. I don t mean to be rude but is this book ever going to come out I mean really the 2nd book let us hanging and it is so nerve wracking not knowing what the solution is going to be. Why isn t there a synopsis or cover for this yet It says it s supposed to be a 2015 publication I don t mean to be impatient but I love this series so much now I need to know how it ends. I really, really, really, really, really want this Don t keep me waiting for too long, okay REALLY REALLY NEED THIS BOOK PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE DECIDE WHEN THIS IS COMING OUT 2020 people where you at I ve waited for this book since 2016 Non vedo l ora di leggerlo, sono troppo curiosa Ma quando cavolo esce I really find this funny 1 Unbreakable 2 Unmarked 3 UntitledI know I know.That s why it s funny, because it s a joke {READ EBOOK} ó Untitled ⚝ See the author s response posted on December, Come on It s 2019 I really am not trying to be rude but it is so disrespectful to the fans Still no update I have given up.