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~Free E-pub ⚓ Under Almond Blossoms ♚ Love and loss are in the air as the almond blossom fallsMilla has always felt alone in the world The only child of a distant mother, she has no other family, and even her forthcoming marriage to Paul feels like settling than true romance But then a letter arrives, announcing that a Spanish grandmother she knew nothing about has recently died and left her a small shop in MallorcaMilla is confused and hurt, but determined to uncover the truth She travels to Palma, where she is enchanted by the beauty of the old town in springtime At the shop she now owns, she meets Leandro, a handsome local who helps her piece together the story of her grandmother, Abbi But it’s a story full of unexpected secrets, of hidden love and bitter betrayal, and it challenges everything Milla thought she knew about her family—and herselfFaced with these new truths, Milla has a difficult choice to make Will she go back to Paul and be the person she was before, or follow her heart on a blossomstrewn island? Nice light reading This love story is set in Berlin and on the island of Mallorca Some of the backstory involves a group of Jews forced to convert to Catholicism on Mallorca, along with other interesting historical facts about this island Since I knew very little about this part of Spain, I found the setting intriguing The story also explores life in Europe after WWII, which is a little explored but fascinating topic in historical fiction The love story itself seems geared towards young people This would be a great historical novel for teens. I was instantly drawn to the book's cover, it's so pretty! I liked the setting of the book in Mallorca and how the author weaved in the 1950's into the story with POV switching between Milla and her grandmother The author did bring the island to life However, I found it hard to relate to several of the relationships, both family and romantic, which made the story sometimes hard to believe in Everything happened very fast with a lot of plot points.I want to thank Anja Saskia Beyer, Netgalley andPublishing for an ARC of this book for a fair and honest review. This is a beautiful story of undying love between two people who could never be together Taking place in breathtakingly beautiful Mallorca this story is a lovely yet heartbreaking Beginning after WWII it shows how harsh the Nazi’s were and how the after effects of the war continued for many years Milla has to delve into her grandmothers past to help her and her mother learn to love each other completely The characters are well developed and easy to picture in my mind Switching from the 50’s to present day was done well and did not feel jumpy, it flowed wonderfully This book is simply a beautiful love story intermixed with great tragedy.