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@Free Ebook ê The Heaven Makers ¸ The Chem, immortal aliens, were the prisoners of eternity, gripped by the despair that immortality broughtstrange dwellers in a timeless world that brought terror and suffering to the creatures they manipulated Enter their world of infinite possibility and discover the fascinating secrets of a master race whose plaything is timethey have observed Earth for centuries, making full sensory movies of wars, natural disasters, and horrific human activities, all to relieve their boredom When they finally became jaded by ordinary, run of the mill tragedies, they found ways to create their own disasters, just to amuse themselves These are the super beings who control men s destinies and who derive their pleasure from the pain and torture they inflict on mere human beings However, interfering with human activities was forbidden, and by the time Investigator Kelexel arrived to investigate, things were really getting out of hand