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[Read Ebook] Ø Transforming Church: Bringing Out the Good to Get to Great ó Using the story of five churches wrestling with change and searching for genuine growth in their ministry, The Transforming Church identifies the five dysfunctions of an unhealthy church and the five characteristics of a growing, healthy congregation Hopeful and encouraging in tone, Kevin Ford will help churches identity and resolve common frustrations churches face and become a healthy church that is relevant and life giving to society Includes a free Transforming Church Snapshot assessment via Website avalue Foreword by Billy Graham Endorsements from Howard Hendricks, Charles Colson, and Tony Campolo I particularly appreciated his thoughts on protecting voices of dissent Takes secure leadership to do that. READ DEC 2010Excellent treatment for understanding not only what limits healthy functioning in a congregation, but also includes practical solutions any organization can apply As a depiction of a journey of change, the author correctly points out how many churches resist the very change they claim to need p 25. I read this because our church is using it It s really an awesome book.