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!Free Ebook ♩ Toby Is a Big Boy ♷ Families with new babies and older siblings will see themselves reflected in this ever so sweet story of sibling rivalry as a young elephant gets frustrated with all the attention his baby sister is receiving Toby is no longer a little elephant He s a big boy now, much bigger than baby sister Iris He can do exciting things all by himself He can pour his own milk, read his own bedtime stories sort of , and even reach the snacks high on the shelf that he s been told are just for mamas But sometimes it feels that Toby has to do everything by himself because Mama is too busy with Iris And some things are really hard even for a big boy Toby ends up with spaghetti on his nose, rain boots that don t match, and toilet paper everywhere He is mad Luckily, Mama is there to remind Toby of the perks of being a toddler and that no matter how big he gets, he ll always be her baby Toby s little sister seems to take up all of mama s time so Toby has to take care of himself But Toby doesn t want to take care of himself Toby packs a bag and goes out into the backyard to be all by himself until mama comes out and reassures him that he will always be her baby. A delightful story about growing up and mourning the loss of little boy status new little sister into big boy, but then appreciating all that he CAN do by himself Looks like this would be a great storytime selection with large expressive illustrations. Toby is a big boy, especially since his little sister needs so much attention because she s littler than Toby But Toby doesn t necessarily like being a big boy.I really liked the story Toby is jealous and proud at the same time. A great story about a big brother, Mom and little sister About growing up and managing things on ones own when Mom is tending to baby sister. A cute book for the young ones who don t always understand that there are other kids. Cute, relatable new baby story. Great book for older siblings about how they are still important and can ask for help when they re having trouble I ve of two minds about this picture book I appreciate that a big kid s feelings about getting less attention and help than a young sibling are taken into consideration, though the solutions provided wouldn t have appeased my oldest kids Sweet illustrations, though not sure if it s going to be a regular read in my house. Excellent for older siblings who are feeling neglected by parents and not quite ready to be as independent as everyone is pushing them to be.