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Pamatmat weaves magic into his play so subtlely, you almost forget its not commonplace A sort of subliminal mojo that takes magical realism to a new level I can t wait to see what else Pamatmat has to offer as a playwright. I really enjoyed spending time with these characters and I have a feeling I would love this play evenwhen staged. (FREE E-PUB) Í Thunder Above, Deeps Below Í Three homeless friends a Filipina American with a hidden past, a Filipina transsexual, and a Puerto Rican hustler struggle on the Chicago streets to scrounge up enough cash to bus it to San Francisco before the winter cold hits But when a bearded man on a quest, a mystery man in sunglasses, a wealthy john, and a doughnut shop s spell casting assistant manager put their hopes and friendships to the test, the trio find they must spare some change of a far queerer kind