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~Read ♂ Thief River Falls ♢ Harrowing Loss, Psychological Trauma, And A Deadly Mystery Test The Human Will To Survive In This Electrifying Novel From Award Winning Author Brian FreemanLisa Power Is A Tortured Ghost Of Her Former Self The Author Of A Bestselling Thriller Called Thief River Falls, Named After Her Rural Minnesota Hometown, Lisa Is Secluded In Her Remote House As She Struggles With The Loss Of Her Entire Family A Series Of Tragedies She Calls The Dark Star Then A Nameless Runaway Boy Shows Up At Her Door With A Terrifying Story He S Just Escaped Death After Witnessing A Brutal Murder A Crime The Police Want To Cover Up Obsessed With The Boy S Safety, Lisa Resolves To Expose This Crime, But Powerful Men In Thief River Falls Are Desperate To Get The Boy Back, And Now They Want Her TooLisa And Her Young Visitor Have Nowhere To Go As The Trap Closes Around Them Still Under The Strange, Unforgiving Threat Of The Dark Star, Lisa Must Find A Way To Save Them Both, Or They Ll Become The Victims Of Another Shocking Tragedy She Can T Foresee Good thriller with questionable paranormal elements a clever denouement 3.5 stars Wow This was a hard review to write without dropping spoilers, and no way I could write a spoiler free logline For a good synopsis with some details, you can read s book blurb I enjoyed reading this gloomily atmospheric book set in remote northwestern Minnesota, near the Canadian border The author immediately lays it all out his protagonist drives through pouring rain under a black sky her car surrounded by desolate landscape featuring miles of flat, empty fields and a rural highway devoid of people, trains, and other cars Best selling author Lisa Power is alone, having self marooned herself in an isolated house, with multiple memories of sorrow and death for company What could possibly go wrong I m an avid crime fiction fan, so early in the book, I noted things that predicted hinted at storyline twists to come Although I couldn t ignore illogical and or out of place events, I was invested in the characters So I read steadily to see how the author handled the twists and ultimately, to see if he dared write a Fatal Attraction ending It s a clever but TV movie melodramatic denouement. IntenseI ll not spoil the book It s intense and draws you in until you must finish I don t usual right reviews but just had to for this. WOW This book was just such an amazing thing to get lost in From the moment it started, until the end, I just could not bear to set it down I found myself reading it within one full day, 24hours and that s all I could focus on, was figuring out what happened to this little boy, why is he running, who the heck is Harlan It s such a psychological twist, that I myself did not expect I thought it was a really awesome idea to have the book itself incorporated into the material itself That was unlike any other I have ever read It also mentioned briefly a movie with Reese Witherspoon, and yeah, I obviously had to google that right when I finished reading tonight because well, it was seriously the best book I ve honestly ever read The moving suspense, the way there was such a huge love for this little boy that Lisa never thought key word, thought she knew before, the way characters were introduced slowly, and very detailed, the action portions of Lisa running around town trying to get out of TRF with this little boy, UGHHH I wanted her to make it out with him so badly, and every time I believed she was going to run free with him Then the ending of the book hits I remember this little boy telling her he was never going to leave TRF and she was so sure she would find a way But she didn t She couldn t It was all in her head, her own book brought to her own reality That right there just WOW I have no words I did NOT expect that at ALL I m so happy to have found this book, to have had the time to be able to read this book without any interruptions, because I m sure it ll be something I will always find myself re reading, and patiently waiting for the movie version to release Let s hope Reese Witherspoon takes up the idea and joins in too To the author, I just would love to express such a huge amount of love to you, this right here, with all of its entirety, was absolutely exceptional I know I m not alone when I say I d love for a part two, but I just couldn t take my eyes off of it Thank you, for this beautiful work of art I look forward to reading SO much of your beautiful creations 3 Unbelievable Twist This book had me from the beginning I read it in a day I just had to know what was going to happen to Lisa and the boy I thought I had it mostly figured out but boy was I wrong What an unbelievable twist at the end that had me crying like a baby This was my first book by Brian Freeman but it won t be my last I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense. Trigger warnings included at the bottom of review.The first half of the book didn t catch my interest, despite being fast paced Some aspects confused me, such as Lisa s instant affection towards Purdue or that she gave him that nickname in the first place I also wasn t a fan of the storyline with Noah I didn t think it was woven in enough to make a difference to the plot With that said, I wasn t expecting the ending, and it definitely reminds me of Shutter Island I was teary eyed at one point because I felt so sad for Lisa, especially when she revealed the two words she could have said to Danny Although the majority of the book was just an okay read for me, I enjoyed the ending and I m glad a somewhat happy resolution was reached.TW mentions of suicide, loss of child, death Keeps you on the edge of your seatI started this novel on New Year s Day as I sat for hours in the ER I became so engrossed in the work that the time flew by By the evening of January 2 I had finished it I loved the tension, the twists, and the ultimate ending As a psychotherapist I realized before the reveal what was happening A good read. For a lot of the book, I didn t really know what to make of it but, as everything clicked into place, it proved to be a heartbreaking and beautiful book I sort of guessed the twist but not completely and not in any way that affected the book. Quite torn with this one I feel that the writing is pretty basic there were a couple of loose ends or weak missing explanations, perhaps and the way it was written made the ending pretty clear from around 1 3 of the way through But it did keep me hooked because it was an easy read with relatively short chapters, though it read like an ARC of a debut, rather than the finished copy from an award winning writer. Read in one day Gripping plot There is a plot twist I found disappointing, but I won t spoil it for you Definitely felt emotionally involved in the story Good details No profanity or bedroom scenes which is always a relief I would read by this author.