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This is my third reading of this fairly obscure fantasy and I see it differently every time The writing is superb and the story which starts out as a charming EB White sort of romp quickly becomes dark Just how dark, you will see if you try this little known award winning author. #EPUB ì The Wealdwife's Tale ó Once Rudyard Riding Wenceslas saw to his lands, his children and the people under his rule with great and loving care But now the melancholy Eighth Duke of West Redding does nothing but pine for his dear, deceased wife Elva And he prepares for the approaching day when a miraculous, hand crafted flying machine will carry him deep into the heart of the weald a mysterious and impenetrable wood with but a single edge and one entrance where he believes his lost beloved waits So beginsor, rather, continuesthe tale of good Wenceslas, his heirs and his ancestors a great disaster of a family fated to eternally repeat the fatal mistakes of preceding generations For even as the Duke plunges from the sky into the dark, foreboding forest, Destiny s wheel is taking a tragic, inevitable turn And with a new bride to be and her many times dead troll hag mother in tow, Wenceslas will return to a world devastatingly altered carrying a dread curse into his household that will propel his young daughter toward her preordained future in a mirror land on the far side of the weald What follows is an adventure strange, sensuous and fantastic a story of magic, dreams and folly, of binding, unspoken promises and obligations of blood, if not love It is a distinctly adult fable both timeless and trueand as biting as a frigid weald wind that chills the dead and the living as well Falls into the category of terminally weird It held me for the first half, then the second half took forever and was so convoluted that I still don t understand what happened Sorry I invested the time. A re telling of the Seven Swans. All I remember from the first reading of this book is that it was complex and very creepy When I work up the guts to read it again, I ll have a better analysis The review that said this was a retelling of the Seven Swans story might help. The best thing about this book is the cover Pretty cool cover, which is what made me buy the book years ago I got 90 pages into the book and just had to give up Kind of confusing tale, and it doesn t really grab you I wanted to give it a chance, but 90 pages in, it was not going anywhere As others say, somewhat confusing read You re not sure exactly what is going on I d actually love to read a synopsis of the book by someone who read the whole thing and can explain it. Every page is poetry Sometimes the plot is difficult to follow because of the magic, and the way the two parallel universes get muddled I think I was supposed to be aware of something that was supposed to happen as a story that occurred in one reality was reflected sorta into another, but I didn t feel the suspense You may, and you may enjoy itthan I did for that I liked the mythic feel of it, the characters, and the good writing.