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Jasper 5yo loved this book about the beginnings of the X Men and made me read it several times.Illustrations are very comic book duh. Well, this was a Christmas present so I m not NOT going to like it Two stars for the drawings as it IS a picture book Each is beautiful to look at, unique, expressive, and very accurate for each X man The costumes look perfect from the 80 s I believe, and it s really great to just study each page for a while One star for the story I mean, what s the age range for this book It s something a dedicated fan would read to his or her kids to get THEM into the x men I don t know why you d read it if it s something a child could read and you know you don t like the simple language used It s not a STORY really, it s just an introduction of all the original and the next few X Men It s not a comic or a graphic novel it s a book for kids Live with it It s not that bad Another star because I actually LEARNED things I m a big X men fan, but I never knew Charles story I question how much of a fan I am right now if I don t know the story of the CREATOR of the x men but I thought that it was such an ep I could say this book is an easy way to recap all X Men stories to newbie All X men fan should read this. Explaining the X Men Origins, in a format which children can understand is no easy task, but this book did it perfectly The writing was very basic, and this made the story very easy to understand The illustrations were exquisite, and I would like to say a much deserved well done to the Storybook Art Group The illustrations made the book very engaging, and I could only imagine how much a younger reader would adore them I gave this book 4 5 stars, due to the fact that I wasn t the intended audience Although I love all things Marvel, I couldn t help but yearn for a complex writing style, and a detailed plot However, I recognise that the book us written this way, as it is a Children s Story book This book will definitely be displayed on my bookshelf, until I have my The artwork is the best thing about these books, it s gorgeous This is my favourite of the four that I have in the boxset.Great reads for a child, definitely a good introduction to Marvel superheroes. This is a children s book, but I ve read it aloud five times now so I figured it was time to review it The Uncanny X Men An Origin Story covers Charles Xavier s journey from childhood to founder of the X Men, and identifies the original team, talks about their training, then goes into how mutants were recruited to help find the original team when they went missing It s simple enough for my kindergartner to understand well, except for a passing mention of the |KINDLE ♈ The Uncanny X-Men ♶ Sworn To Protect A World That Fears Them Professor Charles Xavier Has Always Been Different Charles Is A Mutant, And Possesses Miraculous Powers Of Mind Control But Charles Has A Dream For Humans And Mutants To Live Together In Peace And So He Has Formed The X Men An Extraordinary Band Of Men And Women Including Cyclops, Wolverine, And Storm To Fulfill His Dream And Rid The World Of Violence Against Man Or Mutant My three month old son was fascinated by the bright, detailed pictures and was enthralled as I read the entire book to him quite a long read for a baby Like all the picture books in this series, this is a lot of fun and seriously quite stunningly illustrated. X Men Picture book Not a comic book, picture book Perfect for a pre reading kid to use to get into X men My daughter loves it and requests that I read it to her all the time She also thinks she s going to go to Wolverine s house. X men is just too awesome