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~Read E-pub ♏ The Trees and the Night ☢ BOOK III of The Seraphinium SeriesWARNING SPOILERS FOR BOOKS I II of THE SERAPHINIUM follow Kael and his companions are determined to rescue Lilywynn from the Ulrog Horde The company splits One group struggles through the rugged Scythtar Mountains, home of the Ulrog, in a dangerous race to overtake the girl s captors The other, led by Ader the Seraph, rushes across the Eru plains, hoping to outstrip the stone men and halt them at the Mnim ValleyNeither task is without peril for both groups not only pursue, but are pursuedA desperate Ulrog priest, Hnarg, gambles all and faces death if he does not deliver the head of Ader to his masters At the foot of the Scythtar, the Malveel Lord Woil discovers the tracks of humans entering his realm He leaves the death of Ader to his lesser minions and drives his Ulrog up the mountain range in frenzied pursuit of those who dare set foot upon the conquered lands of the Malveel Book III of The Seraphinium leaves the comfort of the protected lands south of the battlefields and squarely places Kael and his company within the bloody clash for control of the Nearing World Chases, battles, strategy and schemes This book leaves plot behind and dives right into action Fine by me The action is solid and the plot receives enough treatment to move the series toward conclusion.I particularly enjoyed the military strategies employed in this book as well as the focus on the Malveel monsters Some awesome baddies populate this world Again Great dialogue The action was very well done too. This third book of The Seraphinium is AMAZING The troubles with the Zodrians and the Keltaran boil to a head and a great battle is waged Daniel McHugh paints wonderful pictures of battle and landscape with his words and this book is exciting from beginning to end Heroes arise and people die for a cause Granu son of Grannak sublime as always I had trouble putting this down on numerous occasions and I m eagerly looking forward to reading book IV On to The Mirror and the Maelstrom