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~Download Pdf ☩ The Tomb of Iuchiban ♤ A boxed campaign set for LR pitting players against the ancient evil of Iuchiban Previous LR modules, such as Night of a Thousand Screams, have elements that lead into this moduleBox includes fold out map variable room tiles for placement on map an npc s journal relating to the adventure an illustration booklet a Tomb Guide a GM s GuideFor five hundred years, his name has been whispered on fearful lips Iuchiban Bloodspeakers Black magicians of a thousand unholy arts Twice before he and his dark followers have tried to seize the Emerald Throne, only to be beaten back at great cost Imprisoned within a secret location, guarded by the most fearsome traps devised, the madician has been driven slowly mad Yet still he waits and plots a horrifying revenge against the Empire which sent him thereNow an ancient circle of Bloodspeakers plots to unleash his evil again, and a small band of samurai is all that stands between them and their fiendish goal From the back alleys of darkened cities to a barren countryside hiding unspeakable secrets, the players must pursue their foes through an ever changing maze where nothing and no one are as they appear And at the end of their journey lies Iuchiban s Tomb a place which no one has ever entered and returned aliveThe Tomb of Iuchiban includes Layout Complete coverage of Iuchiban s fearsome tomb, including foldout maps, room descriptions and an innovative, flexivle layout unlike anything you ve seen before An Entire Adventure Filled with exotic locations and constant peril, pitting the players against Iuchiban s most terrifying minions History of the Bloodspeakers A detailed background on Iuchiban and the fearsome cult he spawned from their earliest days in Otosan Uchi to their current plans hidden in Rokugan s shadow Character Description Including complete passages on the current Bloodspeakers and those who stand against themThe Tomb of Iuchiban Enter At Your Own Risk