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!Read ⚖ The Switch ♵ Eileen Is Sick Of Being Leena S Tired Of Life In Her TwentiesMaybe It S Time They Swapped PlacesWhen Overachiever Leena Cotton Is Ordered To Take A Two Month Sabbatical After Blowing A Big Presentation At Work, She Escapes To Her Grandmother Eileen S House For Some Overdue Rest Eileen Is Newly Single And About To Turn Eighty She D Like A Second Chance At Love, But Her Tiny Yorkshire Village Doesn T Offer Many Eligible GentlemenOnce Leena Learns Of Eileen S Romantic Predicament, She Proposes A Solution A Two Month Swap Eileen Can Live In London And Look For Love Meanwhile Leena Will Look After Everything In Rural Yorkshire But With Gossiping Neighbours And Difficult Family Dynamics To Navigate Up North, And Trendy London Flatmates And Online Dating To Contend With In The City, Stepping Into One Another S Shoes Proves Difficult Than Either Of Them ExpectedLeena Learns That A Long Distance Relationship Isn T As Romantic As She Hoped It Would Be, And Then There Is The Annoyingly Perfect And Distractingly Handsome School Teacher, Who Keeps Showing Up To Outdo Her Efforts To Impress The Local Villagers Back In London, Eileen Is A Huge Hit With Her New Neighbours, But Is Her Perfect Match Nearer Home Than She First Thought Simply Gorgeous and Uplifting Last year I gushed over The Flatshare, well in my opinion Beth O Leary has exceeded my expectations even with The Switch, and believe me I m going to be spending the remainder of the year and longer raving about this beautiful, heartwarming book, and recommending it to every reader I encounter.When wound tight, workaholic Leena Cotton experiences a panic attack during a big presentation her company orders her to take two months leave Dreading the endless time on her hands, Leena heads to Yorkshire to visit her grandmother, Eileen.Meanwhile, Eileen Cotton is searching for love, companionship, and craving a little excitement, but it s slim pickings in her tiny village of Hamleigh in Harksdale.Then, Leena suggests a novel idea, why not swap places for eight weeks Leena will move into her grandmother s house, and take on all her chores, responsibilities, and community projects to keep herself busy, and Eileen will live it up in London, sharing her granddaughter s flat with her two roommates she s bound to encounter heaps of men in a city of nearly nine million It s the perfect solution with hilarious, entertaining, heartwarming and swoon worthy results The Switch completely embraced the notions of family, friendship, belonging, bridging the generational gap, taking a gamble and stepping outside one s comfort zone, and community spirit Reading it this past week has been an enthralling and soothing experience Even though Eileen and Leena don t swap identities it does share common themes with movies like Freaky Friday such as placing yourself in someone else s shoes and the highs and lows that come with it, as well as a new appreciation for the person they re replacing and all they do, resulting in an even closer relationship.Light in tone for the most part, but like The Flatshare, does incorporate serious topics such as grief, loss, loneliness, domestic abuse, mental illness, unhealthy coping strategies, and cheating Eileen and Leena were both wonderful and interesting, and both their stories were affecting and relatable, and the characters they came into contact with memorable and magnificent The two settings encompassed all the idyll and beauty of a tiny English village and it s quirky and charming characters, and the buzzing with energy non stop, fast paced exhilaration of London life.I guarantee The Switch is going to capture the hearts and minds of readers everywhere The perfect choice to curl up with this April I d like to thank Netgalley, Quercus Books, and Beth O Leary for the e ARC.Publication Date 16th April, 2020. I thought this was going to be like a Freaky Friday movie body switch And then I reread the blurb and realised it s a place swap not a body swap face palms That s what I get for skimming through blurbs My review of i found out about this book 5 minutes ago and approx 4 minutes and 58 seconds ago it became the only thing i care about Oh man, what to say about this book I guess I should start by mentioning that I gave it the highest honor I read it with my eyeballs lol I do audiobooks It s reeeeeally hard for me to get to a paperback I just blew through this.The world is light and charming and I particularly loved getting Eileen s POV in this It really kept the pages moving for me because I couldn t decide who I liked best, Leena or her grandmother, and I wanted to keep reading to get to their next chapters This is definitely a light read, but it still touches on deeper topics like grief and it s handled really beautifully I m so sad it s over Thank you to Hachette Australia for this ARCRelease Date 28 April 2020 During these uncertain times, The Switch is exactly the kind of wholesome content we all need right now The Flatshare was one of my favourite books last year At the time of reading, I was working abroad, and O Leary s rom com was the perfect book to alleviate my sky high anxiety and homesickness So, having delighted in The Flatshare, The Switch was one of my most anticipated releases for 2020 Reader, I loved every second In London, 29 year old Leena Cotton is mentally and physically exhausted and her boss orders her to take a two month sabbatical Meanwhile, her 79 year old Grandma, Eileen Cotton, is recently single after her husband leaving her for another woman and she fancies a second chance at love With Leena in need of a break, and there being a dearth of men in Eileen s tiny Yorkshire village, the women swap places Once again, I was swept up in Beth O Leary s fluent writing From the outset, I fell in love with Leena and Eileen I honestly thought I would have enjoyed Leena s chapters best, but they were both as charming as each other Eileen is nearly 80 years old but that by no means encumbers her joie de vivre. Rather, she tackles London s hustle and bustle with a pep in her step, quickly befriends Leena s flatmates and neighbours, and even gives online dating a shot I may have to take some tips What s , she is so brutally honest that she had me laughing out loud If I can bear semblance to her when I m in my late seventies, I ll be thrilled She is simply inspiring Back in Hamleigh in Harksdale, it was a joy to watch Leena learn to love herself again Over the course of the two months, she takes charge of the May Day celebration arrangements, nails a brownie recipe, and forms unconventional friendships her interactions with her grumpy neighbour, Arnold, made my heart swell with happiness, and the romance was just as sugary sweet as it was in The Flatshare. The swap proves to be the perfect way to aid the healing of both women from the trauma of the past couple of years The Cotton ladies by no means overshadow The Switch s secondary characters I would pack up and move to my own cottage in rural Hamleigh in Harksdale tomorrow if I could to live among such a charming close knit community Overall, Beth O Leary is quickly becoming an auto read author of mine The Switch is an uplifting read that will capture the hearts and minds of readers of all ages everywhere The perfect book to curl up with this April Popsugar 2020 Reading ChallengeA book that s published in 2020 I absolutely adored The Flatshare, and I would go so far to say that The Switch was even better I just love Beth O Leary s style of writing, its gentle and very easy to read, whilst still managing to address some underlying issues facing society The Switch made me laugh out loud in almost every one of its chapters It s hilarious, heartwarming and genuinely moving A large part of the narrative addresses grief and how it can affect every aspect of your life I loved the idea of the two Eileen s switching lives to help them both heal from the traumas of the past few years I felt the way they were handling it was all very accurate From reading the blurb, I was worried the plot would feel a little too farfetched, but I never felt like that whilst reading, it all felt very genuine and as though it could really happen The portrayal of life in Britain is just perfect, I feel like the book drips Britishness I laughed constantly through Eileen s first days in London, because it s just so accurate If you weren t born in London, it can be such a massive shock how people behave on a daily basis, and this was just captured so perfectly Similarly life in little villages, and how minute details become huge parts of your life The observational humour is brilliant Eileen was just wonderful to read, I thought she was absolutely fantastic I loved her so much and I could read another 100 books from her perspective Her brutal honesty and continued lust for life was inspiring and beautiful Leena struggled to stand up against her grandmother, but I really enjoyed watching her grow and learn to love herself again Her relationship with Jackson was dreamy, and I was rooting for them from pretty much the first appearance he made Not to be overshadowed by the leading ladies, there are so many amazing side characters to fall in love with Fitz stood out to me, always willing to embrace Eileen and the older ladies into his life, the banter they shared was wonderful I also adored pretty much every resident of Hamleigh in Harksdale, and if I could, I d be packing up and moving there tomorrow There are lots of themes explored with these fantastic people, loneliness, domestic violence, parental relationships and many.Beth O Leary is rapidly cementing herself as one of my favourite authors, her books are a warm hug and a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly day, just perfection I can t wait to see what she writes next, and big thanks to Quercus for the chance to read an early copy of this beautiful tale Last year Jan 2019 I had the good fortune of reading Beth O Leary s debut novel, The Flatshare, as an ARC from NetGalley and it was a book that really gave me great hope in her abilities as a writer because she managed to find a fresh and unique spin on the romantic dramedy genre of fictionAnd with this new novel The Switch she has once again shown that she is a brilliant storyteller in this area I loved this book Utterly loved it It gave me all the feels I could ever have hoped for and I genuinely squeaked with joy when I closed my kindle on the last page It s rare that a writer comes along that knows how to marry memorable characters with a warm, inviting storyline and that also knows how to sprinkle it with the right touch of both bittersweet emotion and romance But that s exactly what I got from The Switch.I completely lost myself in this book I giggled like a little schoolgirl, I brushed away delicate tears I just loved it Utter feel good central The premise follows a grandmother, Eileen Cotton and her granddaughter Leena who agree to swap lives for a number of months Seventy something year old Eileen needs to jazz up her life and find a new love after splitting from her difficult husband Wade So she comes to London and moves into her granddaughter Leena s flat complete with her flatmates Fitz and heavily pregnant Martha Leena s best friend Bee also becomes besties with Eileen and together with this cast of characters Eileen gets involved in the world of online dating, but importantly, she brings the sense of community she had in her Yorkshire village to London and makes it her mission to bring together isolated older Londoners to form a little club of sorts This might sound a little like something you ve read before but honestly it s the characters that make this book In Eileen Cotton O Leary has created a most lively and charming character She has this wonderful sparkle and joie de vivre that practically bounces off the page and I was 100% invested in her storyline Definitely going to feature in my list of favourite fictional characters of 2020 for sure So while Eileen is off living in London her granddaughter Leena moves into her home in her small village in the Yorkshire Dales Leena is on an enforced sabbatical from her job and to help take her mind off this, her grandmother has left a long list of errands and activities that she needs to take part in Including walking local hottie Jackson s exuberant dog Hank, getting involved in the neighbourhood watch with the most wonderful array of eccentric pensioners including my fav Basil and Eileen s best friend Betsy, and helping to organise the annual village May Day celebrations But my fav interactions on Leena s side of the story were her getting to know grumpy Arthur next doorgosh I loved that crotchety old timer But the real emotional centre point of the story comes from the absence that Leena feels in her life due to the death of her sister Carla from cancer prior to the novel s start point The grief and anger that stems from this loss is what has driven Leena to burning the candle at both ends at work and has also put an enormous wedge into the relationship she has with her mother Marian who also lives in this Yorkshire village This in turn has deeply affected Eileen who hates to see her daughter and granddaughter not getting along Once or twice this part of the story bordered on a little too much melodrama but it also served to ground the novel and was the real measure of how far Leena had become a different person since her sister s illness and death And it was through this storyline that Leena experienced growth of character and ultimately gave this novel an incredibly satisfying endpoint.There were a lot of other plot lines running through the novel that made the whole storyline of these two women very entertaining, and kept me turning those pages as quickly as I could These other plot lines also imbued the book with a real sense of community as so many of the side characters were involved in these minor storylines I thoroughly enjoyed this read and am rating it four and a half stars rounded up to five After this I really can t wait to read Beth O Leary s next novel She has 100% just become an auto buy author for me An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Quercus, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and book related chat check out my blog After reading Beth O Leary s first book, The Flat Share, which was funny, feel good, fresh and totally surprising I was massively looking forward to her second book, The Switch.However, The Switch didn t really hit the mark for me The story of a Grandmother and Grandaughter switching lives albeit partially , swapping houses and towns was just a bit too ridiculous to believe I couldn t warm to the main characters and the supporting cast were really clones of those endured in the scores of 70s and 80s British Sit Coms I ve seen over the years The funny bits weren t funny and the sad bits weren t sad Everything was all a bit too predictable and pedestrian Which is a shame, as O Leary s first book gave me some genuine laugh out loud moments I won t give up on this author, due to the quality of her first book This book, I won t remember with any great degree of fondness 2 starsThanks to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for a review.