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@Read Ebook ï The Source Ç Life changing opportunities pass us by every day now we can train our minds to seize themSelf help books like The Secret promise that we can control our destiny by reshaping our minds Despite scepticism, these systems have been used by millions of people for generations Why Because if we strip away the mumbo jumbo, The Secret and its forbears are fundamentally powerful and they are backed up by the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and behavioural psychology Because most of the things we want from life health, happiness, wealth, love are governed by our ability to think, feel and act in other words, by our brain.What if a neuroscientist could take the best of The Secret together with its original source book The Master Key System and make it accessible for a new generation What if a book offered a rigorous, proven toolkit for unlocking our minds and reaching our fullest potential That neuroscientist is Dr Tara Swart And that book is The Source Tara Swart is an extremely calming presence, all theso for being palpably intelligent Her brain appears to require no boosting I d sign up in an eye blink I like her a lot Hannah Betts, The Times Dr Tara Swart is friendly, charming, and knows what she s talking about Having qualified as a doctor, then trained as a neuroscientist, she worked as a psychiatrist before going into private practice as a highly sought after expert to the rich and famous Janet Street Porter, Daily Mail Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart works with some of the City s highest earning and most respected leaders in finance, law and media Evening Standard Dr Swart has become one of the most prominent voices in the field of neuroscience, and counts among her clients some of the biggest names in business The Telegraph I love a good book that can empower me and change my perception on how I view the world and myself This book fulfils this and I really liked the scientific back up to the claims and the book was easy to read through with examples of exercises but without asking you to do them now You can do them at the end of the book where it guides you through them all Very insightful and I have started the exercises and already changed my perception on a few things One to keep dipping into for future reference.Thank you to NetGalley and publisher for the copy in exchange for a honest review. Power to the Brain I don t need a book to tell me about the law of attraction, cos I have enough evidence in my own life to state its existence For instance, whenever I m feeling tense, I tend to attract stressy situations on the other hand, if I happen to be in a smiling, relaxing mood, happy events are coming my way That s enough for me to confirm the power of the brain as a life shaper So why the heck did I pick this book Because I want to learn how to take advantage of the law of attraction, instead of unconsciously using it against myself If my brain has the power to shape my life, I want to use it in my own benefit Don t you That s what The Source is all about This book is great But it s really for those who haven t read The Secret or alike It s a great intro into the mind business for those who haven t yet been introduced to the power of our minds, and the fact that most religions speak ultimately about the same things which just lead back to the man himself herself etc.So I think this makes for a great gift for someone you wish started reading about how to change your life with your own thinking.But if you re familiar with this science then I must say I didn t find anything new here Just the voice of a new writer But I m always glad to see people fighting for this to be heard and seen in a new light We all prefer personal stories to scientific theories Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. First off, this is an exceptionally well written, enjoyable read The mix of biography, anecdotes, science, and experience is probably as perfect as it can be.I have always been a stern believer in the power of the mind and its ability to attract the results we envisage Whether positive or negative for that manner To read the science behind this and how we can change affect engrained neural passageways is exceptionally interesting.I have to be honest, I did not give myself completely to the knowledge that has been imparted, as I haven t planned to do all the activities for now, but that does not deter from how brilliant the gist of this book is I certainly can t fault its intention, nor its content and guidance Even if I take on board one or two of the pillars of this book for now, I know that I will I see positive outcomes in my life.Thank you Dr Tara Swart for a great read Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy