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[[ Download Epub ]] ì The Snow Dancer Ò Young dancer Sofia wakes up to a quiet, white world—it’s a snow day! She makes her way outside to the neighborhood park, where a field awaits her, white and shining and open It isn’t long before the rest of the neighborhood wakes its sleepy head—and the other kids make their way to the park, scattering all of Sofia’s beautiful silence But with the help of a new young friend, Sofia is ready to show everyone what a snow dancer can do on a perfect day like this With lyrical language and gorgeous art, this book sparkles with all the joy and beauty of a snow day Perfect description of the peaceful 'noise' of being alone in new fallen snow The art is magical and supports the story and you become the Snow Dancer As a child I favored getting up early just like the Snow Dancer and enjoying the soothing quiet sounds of newly fallen snow I will be giving this book for all our 26 grandchildren and their parents to enjoy. A Dance of SnowDay JoyThe author and illustrator of this book have perfectly captured the fun of a snow day for schoolaged kids Even the text is fun in places, using different fonts, colors, and sizes—with some words having added extra characters to make them “read” longer The words are simple but reflect the joy the main character is having during her snowdancing day The color palette of the backgrounds is cool: blues, greys, and of course, white, making the children delightful spots of color against an otherwise muted backdrop I love how the illustrator got across a true sense of what a weak winter sun looks like A fun book for kids who loved to play—and perhaps dance!—in the snow.I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.My book blog: Reminds us of home here in MinnesotaI like when the snow dancer came BenI think my cousin Louisa would like this book FredI liked when the whole neighborhood was silent under the snow, I love when I'm the first out to shovel for that reason MomBoth boys said, give it the most stars possible An absolutely charming bookI was first struck by how charming and clean the illustrations were Beautifully cool with all the colors of winter, it is a lovely book visually The story is just as magical as the illustrations are A sweet tale of a different kind of snow day that then melds with what we traditionally embrace on those wondrous days out of school I think it would make a fantastic gift for that tiny dancer in your life I loved it and can't wait to share it with the kids in my family Sure to become a favorite!