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1986 grade D @READ EBOOK Ö The Second Experiment ¾ THE ROIISS once the masters of the universe, now evolved to pure thought forms Engaged in war with Life itself, they had no time for Rya, their single surviving daughterShe was the last of the dynasty With her faithful robot Tec, she took the last ship to a star with nine planets, the third of which had lifeThen she decided it was time to find a mate And that this planet was as likely a spot as any to begin her search This book is really three long stories that tie together but in some ways are totally disjointed It attempt to offer an unusual view on what may be considered god and evolution and how life began on earth and how man reaches out in the future It had some interesting ideas and concepts but overall was just okay. That Mrs Asimov is quite a writer in her own write. Some interesting ideas and characters although the character interactions tended to feel clunky Worth it to reach the moment depicted on the cover of my version though winged dinosaur Dragon riding a spaceship. I personally love JO Jeppson, I think she is a magnificent write and weaves stories accross time and space I find her has entertaining as her husband, Isaac Asimov Love this book and The last immortal.