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[ Free Ebook ] ☦ The Scent Trail ☣ When Celia Lyttleton visits a bespoke perfumers, one of only a handful in London, she enters the heady and exotic world of scent From a London backstreet she is transported to a world made up of thousands of oils, unguents and balms, all hidden away in an old Chinese medicine chest And so begins a remarkable quest to discover the origin, history and culture of the many ingredients that make up Celia s unique, custom made perfume It is a quest that will take her from Tuscany to Morocco, from Sri Lanka to Tibet, from the peasants and farmers growing their own crops and the traders who sell to the perfume houses, to the noses who create the scents and the marketing kings involved in this billion dollar industry As Celia explores the mythology, history and culture behind ingredients such as Jasmine, Nutmeg, Musk and Ambergris, she paints a vivid portrait of this mysterious, sensual world, conjuring up the people she has met and the places she has visited on her Scent Trail.