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The Push by Claire McGowan Pub Date 11/12/2020I really enjoyed this book it has my favorite set up to it The locked room mystery One party, thirteen guest, one dead before it was over.I love trying to figure out a good whodunit story This one you even had to figure out who was murdered before the big reveal I also loved to hate most of the characters My two favorite characters were definitely Jax and the detective Alison I would most definitely recommend this book to a friend ⭐⭐⭐⭐Thank you to the publisher and to #netgalley for the book. Thank you, NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for giving me this eARC in exchange for an honest review.Six couples, who are different from each other in every expect, the only thing connected them is that they are expecting They met at an antenatal group Now they are supposed to meet in a party showing off their little bundle of joys, Everything is supposed to be perfect Until one person falls from the balcony.Alison is assigned to this case, she doesn’t think it is an accident There isn’t evidence which supports her gut feeling, but she is not going to get it away As investigation proceeds, she found it nothing is perfect Everyone got secrets, grey or black.There were a lot of POV, from different couples, from Alison, from past and present So it took time to distinguish one voice from another.It took time to reveal who is dead, which was interesting and kept me hooked I like the story and pace But the mystery? Two major secrets were in plain sight I guessed many things even before 50% of the book, which made me sad What is the point of mystery when you already know things? There wasn’t any twist or turn which shocked me So it was kinda plain for me. I was really excited to read this book by Claire McGowan! I had recently read The Other Wife and liked it very much This book has a lot of the same elements I liked from The Other Wife: hidden identities, suspense over who was even killed or nearby at the time through tricky narrative devices, and a host of suspicious characters Unfortunately though, this book did not hang together as well as The Other Wife for me and I did not enjoy it as much This book surrounds a killing at a “Mommy and Me” type group gathering There are six couples involved, which to start off with is a pretty large number of suspects Throw in a lot of these people as narrators and it gets somewhat hard to keep everyone and their motivations straight right off the bat.The other problem was that I just didn’t like a lot of these characters In particular, I really did not like the main couple, Jax and her younger husband Aaron I particularly did not like Aaron, who seemed to me to do little throughout the book to contribute to either the plot or to his relationship It made me find it hard to get invested in side plots like his search for his birth mother, etc (Also, can I just say how tired I am of the “search for my birth mother” trope in domestic suspense novels in general?)I also found most of the others in the group to be equally unlikeable/unengaging, and struggled pretty hard to find someone I liked enough to root for There were a lot of subplots I found rather creepy, such as Jax being called a “pedophile” for being with a younger man (an actual man well into adulthood at the age of 24, I might add) Stuff like this made it hard for me to go where the plot wanted me to go and just ended up making me uncomfortable with the book The end was drought with an almost ridiculous amount of twists (one out of nowhere) that left me ultimately not too satisfied with the plot.I’m disappointed I didn’t like this bookbecause I know I like the way this author writes, and really enjoyed her last book I’m hopeful McGowan’s next book will have different subject matter and a character I can like and root for again.Thanks to Thomas and Mercer, NetGalley and the author for the advance copy. A really gripping read, easy to get into and difficult to put down I really liked both Jax and Alison, their characters were realistic, often humorous, and easy to relate to A solid, pacy whodunit with a cast of excellent characters and enough twists to keep you guessing. The Push by Claire McGowan Thanks to @publishing and @netgalley for the earc ⭐️⭐️⭐️Six couples, all very different, all in the same stage of pregnancy get to know each other during a expecting parents course After the babies are born they get together onetime, but someone ends up dead As the detective investigates into the couples, secrets and scandals are revealed The story and premise were interesting I loved getting to know the couples and sitting in the baby classes with them However, the mystery and reveals were all predictable I knew how it would end earlier on and had figured a few things out earlier than I should have to make it an enjoyable story There was so much unnecessary racism in the story I understand there is a difference between a racist plot and a racist character, but did so many people have to hold problematic beliefs? None of the characters were likeable or easy to root for Overall, I still found it an enjoyable read that kept the pages turning The Push comes out 11/12. What is a detective to do when someone falls off/is pushed off a balcony, and nobody saw a thing? Well, the easy answer is to call it an accident, close the case, and move on But something seems off to Alison, and this detective is determined to discover the truth Six very different couples who met at a prenatal class facilitated by Nina, attend a barbeque hosted by one of the new mothers, Monica They don't know each other well, but they are bonded by their shared experiences What should have been a lovely get together is anything but a good time Somehow, there are only four babies in attendance, almost no one is telling the truth, and oh yes, there is that little issue of a dead body.The story is told from multiple perspectives, starting ten weeks ago leading up to the barbeque, and Alison's investigation of the incident The identity of the deceased is not immediately revealed, so I was trying to figure out who was missing from the interviews Alison held Once I knew who died, then it was a guessing game to figure out which of them did it or if it was just a tragic accident.I didn't particularly like any of the characters Not only do they have no qualms about lying to the police, but they easily lie to their partners All I could think about was one of the endings to Clue, the movie, where all of them were guilty Then I could picture Alison, who was trying to have a baby raising all four infants No way these kids would grow up normal with this group of parents.But, I digress, there was no butler, so you can at least rest assured that he didn't do it A fastpaced read that came together in a way that I didn't imagine I enjoyed putting the clues together, though if this had been a jigsaw puzzle, mine would not have shown the killer's identity. I enjoyed this one I mean…I hated almost every character, but I hated them equally and I was totally invested in who died and why.I did love the fact that the author gave us such a diverse group of characters – not only in race, but age economic status While they all had impending parenthood in common, they had little else in common and that really added to the tension in the book.Finally, it was a solid police procedural The author did a good job of using different character POVs to build out the story and our solution to everything was satisfying.Would read the author again!*ARC via Net Galley The party should have been perfect: six couples from the same baby group, six newborns, a luxurious house But not everything has gone to plan, and while some are here to celebrate, others have sorrows to drown When someone falls from the balcony of the house, the secrets and conflicts within the group begin to spill out The premise was intriguing and for almost half the book I was excited and thrilled.The plot is narrated through multiple POVs of the different couples involved as well as of DS Alison As I read the book for me the main mystery was identifying who had fallen from the balcony Once that was revealed half way through the book, I did not find much suspense remaining in the remaining part of the book.There were quite a few secrets revealed about the various couples but I did not find them very exciting Also the two main twists in the plot were quite obvious to guess.Overall, an okay plot but with the writing being fast paced, it becomes an easy read.Thank You to NetGalley andPublishing UK for this ARC! Thank you,Publishing, and NetGalley for a copy The Push by Claire McGowan I have heard good things about this author, so I was happy to receive a copy of this.Six couples from completely different backgrounds join an antenatal group to learn the joys of babies and parenthood The story centres around each individual couples’ points of view Not all the couples get on together When one day they are all invited to a barbecue, a party for the couples before the babies arrive But, one of them falls over the balcony to their death In comes Alison to investigate the death and taking statements from each couple to find out who has the motivation to kill But the investigation is not straight forward as it seems This book I am afraid not for me I didn’t like anything about it The characters the storyline nothing I thought there was too much bitchiness and racist This is said to be a Thriller, but I didn’t find that This book reminded me of an American reality TV show which I can’t stand Sorry I find this so bad I couldn’t finish it. `READ KINDLE ↚ The Push ✓ The party should have been perfect: six couples from the same baby group, six newborns, a luxurious house But not everything has gone to plan, and while some are here to celebrate, others have sorrows to drown When someone falls from the balcony of the house, the secrets and conflicts within the group begin to spill outDS Alison Hegarty, herself struggling with infertility, is called in to investigate She’s convinced the fall was not an accident, and finds the new parents have a lot to hide Wealthy Ed and Monica show off their newborn while their teenage daughter is kept under virtual house arrest Hazel and Cathy conceived their longedfor baby via an anonymous sperm donor—or so Hazel thinks Anita and Jeremy planned to adopt from America, but there’s no sign of the child Kelly, whose violent boyfriend disrupted previous group sessions, came to the party even though she lost her baby And then there’s Jax, who’s been experiencing strange incidents for months—almost like someone’s out to get her Is it just a difficult pregnancy? Or could it be payback for something she did in the past? It’s a nightmare of a case, and as events get even darker it begins to look impossible Only one thing is clear: they all have something to hide And for one of them, it’s murder