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[[ Read Ebook ]] ð The Power of Asking the Right Questions ß The Power of Asking The Right Questions This useful little book is packed full of information that you can use to discover the power of asking the right questions You will probably want to make sure that you read it through than once to make sure you haven t missed anythingHave you ever thought about how powerful you can be if you ask the right questions The person who asks the questions is in control of the conversation than the one who answers However once you take control of your questioning, you will also be better able to answer questions effectively and without embarrassmentQuestions are not just about remembering the facts you have been taught Good questions can be open ended and guide students and employees into a better understanding and creativityRhetorical questions are not meant to be answered, and yet they are powerful to engage your listeners during a presentation or talkAnd don t forget the questions that you should be asking yourself This book includes a list of fifty powerful questions that you can work through asking yourself to improve your thinking and your relationshipsWhen you have finished reading, go through the exercises and the questions to see if you have understood And then read it again and try it out in your own life This is a book you should not miss out on Can I Ask The Right Questions A pleasant, short book on a very important, but much overlooked topic.The book is quite comprehensive, although brief For example, we are told to ask the right questions when using search engines, by using key words I would have likedadvice on wording the question forprecise results.Worth buying if you ve never considered how important questions are.