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~FREE PDF ⚔ The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg ♈ Ginsberg s powerful and unflinchingly honest poetry empowered the counterculture of the s and s along with his memorable persona and his messages of peace and love In this biographical narrative poem, Ed Sanders, a Ginsberg contemporary and friend, and one of the Beats favorite sons, charts a path through what he calls the Forest Ginsberg An unsentimental elegy, an epic tribute, a dramatic documentary portrait, The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg reveals in detail the man and the artist through the eyes and in the voice of a Ginsberg intimate, a fellow poet and admirer, a man who shares the ecumenical outlook and resolute social conscience of one of our century s most popular and controversial literary figures Sanders leads us chronologically through history as witnessed, reflected and created by Ginsberg, introducing us to Ginsberg s friends and foes and the luminaries and common men and women alike that populated his world Ed Sanders s poem is a journalistic biography of a man and his passionately unique world view This was an interesting read Part biography, part poem, part commentary really catches you in the incredible flow of Ginsberg s life. Enjoyable, but flawed A decent overview of the life of Allen Ginsberg For a proper biography, look elsewhere.