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!Download ♗ The Perfect Day Plan: Unlock the Secrets of Your Body Clock ☣ A lifechanging guide to getting in synch with the body s natural processes will teach readers the best time to eat and sleep, to exercise, to do demanding work, and to relax Based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine, this guide reveals how each organ influences aspects of one s body, emotions, and potential for happiness and success Readers will discover why feeling anxious or experiencing panic attacks, chronic fatigue, or depression means their stomach is in need of attention They can find out why they are able to chill out, reflect, sleep, and enjoy sex when their kidneys are healthy They will also learn how to burn fattimes faster by exercising at the right time of the day Every two hours in the day is the best time to nurture a different organ Once a reader understands how this simple daily plan works, many issues and their solutions become obvious Answering such questions as Between which hours should we power forward When should we get creative When should we drift a little , this guide uncovers two hours of each day and provides dozens of simple tips for how to make the most of each day fantastic would give this one a 3 and a half star rating it s great to see a perspective from an eastern or alternative medicine, which considers knowledge that s been around for 1000 s of years.a drawback for me was the style of writing employed and lack of scientific studies involved this could be due to a bias that I have towards requiring evidence for most things and worth a read to check out something different