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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♧ The Notebook of Trigorin ☫ From the master twentieth century playwright Tennessee Williams an adaptation of Chekhov s The Sea Gull, never before available to the general trade The Notebook of Trigorin is faithful to Chekhov s story of longing and unrequited love Set on a provincial Russian Estate, its peaceful environs offer stark contrast to the turbulent lives of its characters Constantine, a young writer, must compete for the attention of his mother, a self obsessed, often comical aging actress, Madame Arkadina, and his romantic ideal, Nina His rival for both women is Trigorin, an established author bound to Arkadina by her patronage of his work, and attracted to Nina by her beauty Trigorin cannot keep himself from consuming everything of value in Constantine s life Only in the final scenes do all discover that the price for love and fragility can be horribly high But if the words in The Notebook of Trigorin are essentially Chekhov s, the voice belongs firmly to Tennessee Williams The dialogue resonates with echoes of the themes Williams developed as his signatures compassion for the artistic soul and its vulnerability in the face of the world s successfully practiced duplicity Act I me this is a pleasant, fairly straightforward if loose seagull translationarkadina trigorin if you leave me i will BLACKMAIL YOU ABOUT THAT BOY BACK IN THE CITYme there he is. I love this play of Chekhov Despite many regarding it as some comedy play I think it is a very tragic piece.The adaptation of Williams is good, maybe the best I ve read so far but I still think it doesn t really reach the original Nina is my favourite character and I have some fav monologues of her which I really miss in Williams edition I find that Nina might lack some depth in the adaption but that s only my personal opinion.All in all I enjoyed reading it again. Going through some Williams for research. Williams free adaptation of Anton Chekhov s The Sea Gull Composed near the end of his life, Williams doesn t reach the same lofty stature of the original, but that isn t the point This is an obviously loving re interpretation of a foundational play in Williams personal theatrical lexicon and it definitely works dramatically there s a nice balance of genuinely Chekhovian moments and lines that could have only come from Williams pen.