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A goodhud and solid book on getting your financial life in order and starting to invest in your future. a easy reading investment book that starts off with getting people to save and pay off their credit card debt Then it quickly explains some important keys to investing such as the fact that mutual funds do not beat the market average so index funds may be a better way to go They also explain a few other ways one can invest such as with DRiPS, but their most worthy point is explaining how important compounding interest is The book definitely got me to realize the short term investing I have been doing the last few months is silly, and that investing in the market is only worthwhile for an investor like me if its longterm A good starting book for someone new to investing as I was, though some parts could easily be skipped like the silly entrepreneurial section and the credit card sections, which some people certainly need to hear. EXCELLENT READ So, here in the good ol' US of A, we don't do much in the way of educating our children about how to save and spend money Therefore, even as a college graduate, I felt like I had *absolutely no idea* what to do with my income Of course, I knew that blowing it all on Twinkies and DVDs was a bad idea, but I did not know what was a *good* idea After reading this book, I felt like I had it all figured out.The Motley Fool is all about living your life, and using your money wisely If you save the right way when you're young, you won't have to worry about being poor when you retire *And*, you don't need to pay some schmoe a bunch of money to manage your money for you You can do it all yourself, and you don't need to be a hypergenius Shoot, if you invest wisely, you don't even need to check in on your investments but once or twice a year, if that.I highly recommend this book to everyone who feels lost about money, and doesn't want to have to worry about it any. OK, I just like these guys And in business, like most fields, likeability is king However, if you can't produce, likeability won't get you much further These books, by and large, are short and to the point And they come from the two down home Gardner brothers who tell it like it is These guys still look like two college kids looking to make good And these books are good Buy 'em all and get educated about a topic that our educational and financial institutions drop the ball on but isimportant than most the stuff you learn in school that you'll never use How many use geometry, algebra, chemistry, etc.? While we ALL need to know finances And if you look at the current state of finance and what the gov and your local financial institutions AREN'T doingwell, then you'll begin to see the necessity of the books that these fine, clean, young gentlemen bring you Hell, they look like the kind of guys you'd be glad your daughter brought home Thanks for reading. [ Book ] ☨ The Motley Fool You Have More Than You Think : The Foolish Guide To Personal Finance ♖ The Completely Revised and Expanded Edition of the New York Times Bestseller That Focuses on Personal Finance for Every Budgetand Every Stage of Life Taking control of your personal finances is the firstand most importantstep toward successful investing and a secure future The Motley Fool You Have More Than You Think, now fully updated and expanded, provides guidance for anyone trying to balance lifestyle aspirations and financial realities The latest edition of this Motley Fool bestseller covers topics such as: Getting out of debtd into the stock marketTurning your bank account into a moneymakerUsing Fool and the Internet to learn about all things financialfrom buying a home to getting the best deal on a carSaving enough to send your children to the colleges of their dreams Okay I read a finance book and am alive to talk about it Overall I really liked the book, but some material was dated However, they act like you don't know anything about finances and since I don't, it was good Best advice don't try to save money by brushing your teeth with your fingers Live a comfortable life and go after the big money issues I learned a lot about the stock market as well and it was all commonsense Another good piece of advice: skip being tied to your budget since it probably providesdetail than needed Pay yourself, pay your bills, and life should be good. An easy read Picked this book up at a second hand bookstore and it's contents, though written in the context of America, can be applicable to that in Singapore You might want to skip the section on home mortgage though It was also interesting to read on America's 401k pension plans Overall, the principles lessons in personal finance were conveyed in a writing style that is doused in humor makes for easy reading. I was a little uncertain how to rate this because for a finance book, it is quite entertaining and easy to read But, compared to a nonfinance fun read, it is on the boring side So, if you want to read a finance book, this is a great one withof light hearted and easy to read approach If you want something entertaining to read while riding the bus, choose something else. Anyone who wants to retire with an ample nest egg should read this book! With its help, I made a really informed decision about my 401K at work No one I know in their early twenties.thirties is well enough informed about smart finance. A very solid introduction to investing and personal finance management After reading, I have a much greater understanding of my previous (and current) mistakes and what steps my wife and I need to take to build a secure financial future.