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!Download ⚖ The Methuselah Project How to stop and turn back the clock to reach 100 and beyond ♵ Do you want to harness the latest advances in science to build a blueprint for a long life In what is by far his most comprehensive work to date, James Lee author of Brainand Hack Your Brain has trawled through the latest research journals and some older, lesser known studies to identify the source of premature aging and what you can do about it to increase your chances of living toand beyond Lee takes you through the work that scientists are currently undertaking to pin down exactly why it is we age and what can we do about it Many scientists believe that there is no theoretical upper limit to lifespan that cannot be overcome Think about it Why does a dog that has a similar genetic makeup to humans only live to aroundyears of age whereas we can reach an average of aroundWhy are certain animals like crustaceans theoretically immortal As part of his research, Lee looks at some of the hot topics in anti aging research such as senescence, sirtuins, oxidative stress, evolutionary theories of aging, telomere shortening, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation and advanced glycation end products AGEsThen, in the second part of the book, Lee looks at specific ways you can fight the various causes of aging, including antioxidant therapy, reducing inflammation, supporting mitochondrial function, boosting levels of glutathione, the importance of rich social connections, reducing consumption of sugar particularly fructose and AGEs, reducing and eliminating stress, sleep strategies, caloric restriction, optimizing liver function, nootropics to fight cognitive decline and memory problems, the importance of physical exercise for keeping young, anti aging strategies for your skin plus a whole heap of additional general tips for slowing and reversing cellular agingHowever Lee also acknowledges that as well as adding positive changes, you must also remove negative factors that reduce your chances of living a long life In particular, Lee looks at how risky behavior must also be addressed if you want to reach No one single strategy will ensure you reach old age Just like each risky behavior is cumulative, each positive act increases your likelihood of giving the mythical old man Methuselah a run for his moneyThis is the blueprint for achieving just that Grab a copy today to start turning back the clock Great , straight forward overview of the basics of improving physical, and mental performance with enough scientific data to make the suggestions understandable without becoming obscured to non medical professionals.