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Fast paced adventure! My favorite things were the travel and descriptions of the architecture, monastery, castles, pyramids, etc I would still like to see a map of the travels maybe in the front cover or even a few of them throughout the book as the trio moves I also would like to seeemotion from the twins after their loss, but I'm a sap I most enjoyed the end and the epilogue Wow! And I do really think it would be a fun adventure, bondlike movie. This book was great!! I absolutely loved reading this novel! I am amazed at the amount of detail and description Avanti provided and how she fluidly introduced the characters and background throughout the novel I love it Now I can’t wait for the second one!!! I definitely recommend for anyone looking for adventure, suspense, mystery, and a fun read! #FREE DOWNLOAD ò The Lost Power à DA VINCI CODE meets TOMB RAIDER in this awardwinning thriller thatNYT bestselling author James Rollins called, A book that defines ‘pageturner’ Spain : During a thunderous battle, the first King of Aragon wrestles Alexander the Great's priceless Egyptian weapon from the Moors, but finds it holds a terrifying and mysterious power Nearly a thousand years later, on a fogshrouded Napa Valley morning, gunshots and the sound of breaking glass rip through the silence Maddy Marshall, an app designer with special martialarts abilities, and her twin brother, Will Argones, quickly run toward the sound Horrified, they discover a sniper has cut down two members of their family Before the pool of blood on the living room floor is dry, their father sends the twins on a dangerous quest to recover Alexander's ancient weapon Joined by a broadshouldered friend who harbors a secret alliance with VanOps, an ultrablack covert agency, they soon discover the lethal sniper is from Russia They follow timeworn clues from a medieval Spanish castle to a lost warren under the streets of Jerusalem, racing to unlock the secrets that will lead them to an arcane power—before a hostile state seizes the power and cripples the United States To survive, they must go undercover and offgrid No place is safe, a wrong move means death, and even a simple phone call is off limits Because now, the sniper has his sights set on them“Enjoy the ride” —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling authorVanOps: The Lost Power takes readers on a fastpaced roller coaster of a ride across the globe in a topnotch thriller with highstakes and plenty of edgeofseat action —Robin Burcell, NYT bestselling author of The Last Good Place and cowritten with Clive Cussler The Oracle“A highstakes, daring adventure charged with suspense and mystery!”—Ann Charles, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Deadwood Mystery Series Sometimes I'll go out on a limb and read a book that wasn't necessarily on my radar, by an author who's new to me, and even within a genre (or crosses several genres) that I don't read often I like reading outside of my comfort zone because this is often where I'll find the shiniest gems of books that may otherwise pass me by 'The Lost Power' is one of those books; touted as 'Da Vinci Code meets Tomb Raider' (both of which I know of, but haven't read or seen, and probably just as well), I knew that others had found popular works to compare it to, but I'm glad I went in blind A family gettogether in Napa, ruined by sniper's gunshots, is the opening setting for this exciting novel; app designer and Aikido instructor Maddy Marshall meets up with her estranged twin brother Will, go there to meet their elderly father, who reveals a dark, family secret, as he takes his last breaths They then meet up with an old classmate, Bear, who accompanies them on their adventure across the globe, perhaps not so coincidentally.The trio set out on a quest to discover a secret ‘Lost Power’ (with some dangerous people trying to beat them to it), before it can possibly endanger millions It’s something of a quest to find the Holy Grail, filled with encounters in Spain, Jerusalem, and flying in a hotair balloon.What is so captivating about this novel, and what I didn’t expect, is the way that author Avanti Centrae has created a story about a brother and sister, with a rich family history, and made their relationship relatable, endearing, and it drives a lot of the action through By having their friend Bear along for the adventure, he acts as the perfect buffer for the twins’ rough spots and develops into a fuller character than I expected Rather than Will and Bear taking the lead with all the action in this book, it was completely refreshing to have Maddy be the person who ends up kicking butt, and it makes a change to both the male and female characters airing their fears and showing their weaknesses.Like any action adventure, there are many sequences that seem implausible (Spielberg and authors like Dan Brown say it can be done though), but it felt really good to read a book that was just one crazy ride.This is a heartpounding action thriller that makes you feel like you have stepped into an adventure movie, where your every move will have you moving from one exotic locale to another, looking over your shoulder for who is chasing you, and tapping into the author’s vast knowledge of history and world religions and cultures, to solve an international mystery with unbelievably high stakes.Thank you so much to Booktasters for the chance to read this; I powered through it during a recent readathon, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I received a free copy of VanOps: The Lost Power by Avanti Centrae for reviewing purposes.This is a great read Three people—fraternal twins Maddy and Will and their friend Bear—race around the world trying to figure out a family mystery related to Maddy and Will’s family story As relatives of the Spanish royal family, they are charged to find an ancient weapon than an ancestor grabbed from the Moors in the eleventh century—a weapon the Russians desperately want This journey takes them to castles in Spain, Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Lithuania, a monastery in Myanmar, and pyramids in Egypt Maddy is the action hero in the story She is athletic and fearless and recently became unengaged, but she seemsangry than heartbroken Her brother, Will, is the intellectual and the keeper of thehuman emotions of doubt and fear His wife was killed at the beginning of the adventure, but he hasn’t had a chance to mourn Bear is the history nerd Having Bear around was great Instead of reading dry text about the history of the various sites, Bear explained historical facts with a conversational tone Plus he has had a crush on Maddy for years Plus he has a secret of his own.All along the way other characters drop in and out of the story, and the reader gets to learnabout what makes Maddy, Will, and Bear tick I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories with lots of travel. I can see why this engaging book won an award It has a lot going for it travel, good dialog, mystery, adventure all told by a very talented author Highly recommended.I really appreciate the advanced copy for review!! VanOps has so much packed in it, it has a little bit of everything for everyone Interesting characters and storyline I would readby this author. I can’t say much about without spoiling So if you do like books with a lot of unexpected things going on you should read it. 4 starsMaddy Marshall and Will Argones, twin brother ans sister, arrive at their father's old vineyard in the Napa Valley of California Just as they arrive, a shot rings out that kills their father and Will's wife Maria A young boy named AJ that was traveling with Maddie sees a black BMW hurry away from the scene After exhaustive interviews with somewhat incompetent appearing detectives, Will, Maddie and AJ leave They see the BMW on the side of the road and a car chase ensues The BMW crashes, but one of the assassins survives They learn from the police that he is Russian Another attempt is made on their lives at their attorney's office They obtain false passports to try to evade the Russian and flee to Spain which is their historical family seat There they meet Carlos a cousin and the son of the King of Spain, who is their uncle Carlos is a shady character, but they like the King He shows them a mysterious codex and imparts some knowledge to aid their search for a mysterious weapon of some sort Their search takes them on a worldwide journey Along the way, they discuss the form their search may take them Just what is it they are looking for? How do these shooters keep finding them? Maddy nearly drove me crazy with her feud with her brother Will She ran hot and cold, sometimes she almost liked him and then she would get mad at him all over Arrgh! But, as time passed and Maddie learned from various encountersabout herself and her emotions, her anger at her brother and others attenuated I wondered to myself just how she had advanced as far as she had in Aikido still holding on to her anger and selfignorance.This is a well written and plotted novel The content is consistent and follows a logical progression I really liked the historical information given in the book Ms Centrae did her research for these parts of the book It was most interesting I really liked the “Bear” character Especially his history lessons This book will stretch your beliefs, but I reminded myself that it is an entertaining novel and continued to read for the pleasure of it Ms Centrae is a very good writer and I immediately went toto look at her other novels I want to thank NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for forwarding to me a copy of this very good book for me to read, enjoy and review. Will and Maddy meet their dad at the family vineyard at the urgent message from their dad Maddy has been too distracted by the breakup from her longtime boyfriend and her heart is not in the visit She drives up to see her brother playing catch with Squirrel in the driveway with no idea what is going on Shots ring out they enter the library to find their father and Will's wife dead The last words from their father are to go to the Sacramento attorney With those passing words, they are thrown into a family legacy that puts their lives and everyone around them in danger The search for the family secret takes them across the world into secret societies and truths long buried With their family friend Bear who works for VanOps and is in forthan just helping friends This thriller is definitely designed for the lovers of Dan Brown, Indiana Jones, and Clive Cussler Avanti Centrae new what she was doing with the storyline and characters to make this into a series for all to love I found the storyline to be unique and the characters intertwined in a way that leaves you wondering what else is not being said I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am looking forward to readingof this series in the future.