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This book has interesting ideas The mental health on paranoid delusional is a new read for me Going through life with constant worry that someone is out to get you is tough At times I m annoyed that it s the focus of this book instead of the killer potentially killing the wrong girl and so it takes away the thrill On the other hand, I do like how this delusional affect Sienna s thinking Anytime she thinks something is not right, she afraid to voice out because she doesn t want people to think she s crazy like her mom I m liking that I get to learn of different types of mental health from this book There is suspense in this story because the present day deal with her mom and the past deal with police not yet catching the killer I m just not patience enough to wait I prefer cliffhangers at the end of each chapter and there seems to be a couple with Jonathan about to tell Sienna something as she drift off to sleep and when she left the house unlocked and not noticing a car slowly drive by but there were no follow up on the next chapter So most times I lose interest in the story.This book started with a prologue, told in the third person point of view following Sienna, 18 She got freaked out when she saw a dead body on her way back to her dorm Then the story begins 10 years later with Sienna, 28, somehow the story indicates she s 29 going on 30 a chef, now coming back home from London She looks like her mom who has mental health issues and growing up she afraid that she will be like her mom The story switches back and forth, then and now, now than then Now the police reopen the case of the dead girl to find her killer Back then, what s freaky was that the dead girl had on the same winter jacket as Sienna was wearing because then a wrong girl could have been killed.The Look Alike has the idea that makes me want to read I used to want details in stories but now I m not so sure because this story is very detailed An example is about Sienna turning on the car, she let it run a few minutes, then backed out of the garage, down the drive, and into the street I never noticed step by step like this before Because of the details, the read is slow going for my liking I m feeling so so with Sienna She seems to take precautions with one person but not the other I guess nobody can fight off their hormones That being said, I don t like instalove That man to man bicker between Randy and Jonathan is awesome I do like that I couldn t guess who the killer is I also learned a lesson about siblings, to treat both children fairly and that the older one need as much love and protection as the younger one Disclaimer Many thanks to St Martins Press for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo,Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for details I haven t read any Erica Spindler thrillers in a few years but have always loved them She deftly lobs red herrings and masterfully misdirects while delivering excellent characters.This book does a great job of sensitively illustrating the impact of mental illness on entire families but manages to weave it into the mystery and it doesn t drag down the story It moves quickly, has many likable and unlikable characters, and resolves surprisingly and satisfactorily.I really enjoyed it.Thank you to Erica Spindler, St Martin s Press and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review. @Download Book ⚢ The Look-Alike Þ From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Other Girl And Justice For Sara Comes A Thrilling Psychological Drama About A Woman Who Believes She Escaped A Brutal Murder Years Ago But Does Anyone Else Believe Her Sienna Scott Grew Up In The Dark Shadow Of Her Mother S Paranoid Delusions Now, She S Returned Home To Confront Her Past And The Unsolved Murder That Altered The Course Of Her Life In Her Mother S Shuttered House, An Old Fear That Has Haunted Sienna For Years Rears Its Ugly Head That It Was She Who Had Been The Killer S Target That Night And Now, With It, A New Fear That The Killer Not Only Intended To Remedy His Past Mistake He S Already Begun But Are These Fears Any Different From The Ones That Torment Her Mother As The Walls Close In, The Line Between Truth And Lie, Reality And Delusion Disintegrate Has Sienna S Worst Nightmare Come True Or Will She Unmask A Killer And Finally Prove She May Be Her Mother S Look Alike, But She S Not Her Clone Meh.2.5 stars The Look Alike is a psychological thriller about a woman who stumbles across a murder victim She comes to believe she was the intended victim, leading her to question her sanity.There are two look alikes in this book There is the murdered girl who was wearing the same coat as Sienna And then there is Sienna mother to whom bears an uncanny resemblance Because she was wearing the same coat as the murder victim, Sienna must have been the target And since she looks like her mother, she must have inherited her mother s illness this train of thought drove me crazy, as it oversimplifies the complexity of mental illness There are additional reasons why Sienna believes she might have the same illness as her mother, but they are not fully explored.The Look Alike is just not all that exciting I figured out who the murderer was early on I didn t know their motive until later, which gave me something to read for I found the writing, especially the dialogue, stilted Additionally, I had some issues with Sienna s character She makes a lot of stupid choices, whines a lot, and is quite immature her immaturity is intentional Her romantic life plays a significant role and had me rolling my eyes She sees what s happening around her in black and white terms Had her character been dynamic or had she been an unreliable narrator, this book could have been much interesting The role of mental illness is the most interesting element of the Look Alike, but Sienna s character and the plot take away from what could have been a fascinating and impactful read Overall, I would say this is an O.K read, but it could have been so muchI received a free copy of The Look Alike from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review After posting this review, they might never send me another book 2.5 2.75 starsOn a dark winter s night, Sienna Scott comes across a young woman who was just murdered She soon begins to believe that she was the intended victim as that was the path, she always took home after her study group Plus, the dead woman was wearing a coat that looked just like hers Sienna s mother who suffers from Mental Illness, also believes her daughter was the intended target.After spending ten years living away from home, Sienna has returned to learn that the murder investigation has been re opened and soon begins receiving phone calls telling her she was the intended victim So, was she the intended victim Is she being paranoid Is someone toying with her Will she ever learn the truth This one fell a little flat for me I figured out the killer right away but not the motive I appreciated how the author tried to point the reader in other directions, but I just knew whodunit Even when the motive was revealed, I just didn t care This is not one I will think about or remember in months to come I enjoy when books shock, surprise or trick me, this one did none of those things I m in the minority here, but this one just didn t live up to my high hopes for it It won t keep me from reading this Author in the future, this one just wasn t for me.Thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley who provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. I read this book in one sitting Or perhaps laying is the accurate term Or is it lying Anyways, that s unheard of for me.You re probably saying to yourself Self that s you , she that s me must have reallyyyy loved this book And you d be right, however, there s absolutely no reason for me to have enjoyed this book 1 It s written in third person Yuck.2 I hated the characters 3 Zero character development 4 It s repetitive and doesn t really go anywhere Like, ever.5 Insta Love Nuff said, amiright 6 The ending is cringeworthingly I think I just made up a word clich.I couldn t put it down.Maybe the publisher put some sort of subliminal messages in the text like You ll get a lifetime supply of Lindor Truffles if you like this book So, there you have it 4 Stars for the bookLess 1 2 Star for that endingRounded up because Lindor Truffles4 I recieved an ARC and chocolate in exchange for an honest review. The Look Alike is a psychological thriller about a mother and daughter relationship Sienna Scott comes back from England after living with her grandmother for the past 10 years She was sent away after finding a murder victim at her college years ago Meanwhile, her mother has been diagnosed with a paranoid disorder that has left her unable to cope with the world.Sienna starts feeling paranoid herself when strange things start happening to her upon her return Was she the target that was supposed to be murdered years ago and not the girl she discovered I found the treatment of mental illness to be over simplified in the book It is an easy read with simple dialogue and plot Personally, I prefer my thrillers to have intensity and could not get engaged.2.5 stars out of 5I received a free ARC of The Look Alike by Erica Spindler from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review.Publication date January 28, 2020 A book doesn t always have to be filled with twists and turns for it to be a good read I enjoyed this one because I had so many theories floating around in my head as to who killed the young woman but I never knew for sure what happened until the author revealed everything at the end It was definitely a page turner If I hadn t had some real life stuff going on, this is the type of book I would normally have finished all in one day because I was so into it.Ten years ago when Sienna Scott was in college she found the body of a murdered classmate The murder remains unsolved and given some similarities with the victim, Sienna has often wondered if she was killer s intended target Her mother suffers from paranoid personality disorder and Sienna is worried she might inherit the same condition After years away, Sienna is back in town and staying with her mother She is determined to solve the murder but mysterious stuff keeps happening to her What s going on Is there a reason for Sienna to be afraid or is it just paranoia This book belongs in several genre categories such as mystery, thriller, psychological thriller, etc But regardless of what you want to label it as, it s a good read As I mentioned before, you aren t completely sure what s going on until the final chapters You don t know if Sienna is a reliable narrator which adds to the confusion and there s a handful of suspects The author doesn t lay down her cards until the end so the many directions the story could go in remain until everything is finally revealed Some readers might feel the ending isn t anything special or exciting, and in some ways I can agree with that This probably would have been a perfect, 5 star read had I been caught completely off guard with the ending My 4 star rating indicates though I do consider this a very good book and I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it I received a free copy of The Look Alike by Erica Spindler from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review I freaking loved this book Sienna has been living with her grandmother for ten years in London When Sienna was a teenager she found a girl dead in the snow, when she was walking back to her dorm room The girl was one of her classmates Sienna thought she might of been the killers target that night since her classmate was wearing a white coat that was identical to hers So that is why she moved to her grandmother s house She then decides to move back home because her mother has been having paranoid delusions, and she is always thinking people are after to harm her and her family She has a mental illness Sienna wants to take care of her because her mother had been in and out of treatment facilities Sienna s biggest fear is that she will inherit her mother s mental illness The case of the murdered classmate has never been solved and the case has been reopened when she returns home She sees a white van that passes her house multiple times every day Sienna starts feeling paranoid This is the second book that I read by this author and I am becoming a big fan of this author This book kept me captivated I could not put this book down I kept guessing and guessing who the murderer was Every character seems to be untrustable I didn t know who I could trust Each time I guessed, I was wrong I even guessed the killer at one point, but then changed my mind to someone else When the killer was revealed, I wasn t surprised This was not a predictable read for me This is a fast paced read and is filled with suspense The chapters were short and I kept telling myself one chapter before I put the book down and would read a lot chapters I love short chapters and wish every that every book was written this way This book was very well written.The characters were very well developed with a lot of unlikable characters I really loved Sienna though which is a good thing because I have to at least love one of the characters I also felt so sorry for Sienna s Mom and what she went through every day.I loved the twist at the end and I did not see it coming I was on the edge of my seat reading this book.I want to thank the publisher, Macmillan for the free arc of The Look Alike in exchange for an honest review.Available 01 28 2020 What time is it there Same time as it is in Tranquility BluffsI ve come homeSienna Scott spent the last ten years in England, escaping from a brutal murder and her paranoid mother.Ever since Sienna was born, her mother has had paranoid delusions regarding her daughter s safetyYou can t protect yourself from what you don t see I see them, you don t Your dad couldn t either, no matter how hard he triedTen years ago, Sienna was walking home from her college study group in the middle of a blizzard and stumbles upon a girl s body The horror of the body and the shock of so narrowly missing death sets off her mother in a way Sienna s never experienced before.And so she escapes to England, returning only now to take care of her mother and possibly to achieving her dream of opening up a restaurant But her mother is not in a good placeYou need to understand, Sienna This isn t going away She s never going to get betterand keeps insisting that there are people horrible people prepared to kill Sienna at the slightest provacation.And at firstSienna dismisses itbut the she thinks about it, the she realizes that maybe just maybe her mother was right all along I m sorry, Sienna The lid s off the box, I can t put it back on. It was great but the ending threw me, and not entirely in a way I likedThere was quite a bit that I enjoyed about this book Sienna s character was wonderfully fleshed out and her mother was really well done In particular, I loved how Sienna treated her mother s illness as a part of her rather than a demon or a terrible all consuming madness There was always love between them no matter the situation The relationship between Sienna and her brother was a bit odd and I mean other than calling each other bro and sis if I m being perfectly honest, I don t think I ever saw that outside of literature.Essentially, one of them does multiple unforgivable things absolutely abhorrent to the other And the other one is just like, it s cool sibling I forgive you because I love you Maybe it s because I have never had a brother, but I honestly cannot see anything happening like that could possibly warrant forgiveness so easily given or given at all I also adored how Spindler wove the mystery piecing together the past and the present as Sienna began piecing together the unsolved mystery.The only thing that threw me was the end I don t want to give anything away, but suffice to say that the ending took me completely by surprise But it was like a Wellthat came out of nowhere rather than a, ohmygosh I never saw that coming There just wasn t enough build or enough substance for me to really buy the ending.All in all, I really did enjoy the first 3 4 of the book.It was smart, fun and tense A rather enjoyable read I recieved a free ARC of The Look Alike by Erica Spindler from Macmillan in exchange for an honest reviewAll quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publicationYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading