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.DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚑ The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook ☧ Elixir is a functional programming language built on the Erlang virtual machine It combines the productivity and expressivity of Ruby with the concurrency and fault tolerance of Erlang Elixir makes full use of Erlang s powerful OTP library, which many developers consider the source of Erlang s greatness, so you can have mature, professional quality functionality right out of the gate Elixir s support for functional programming makes it a great choice for highly distributed event driven applications like IoT systems.The Little Elixir OTP Guidebook gets you started programming applications with Elixir and OTP You begin with a quick overview of the Elixir language syntax, along with just enough functional programming to use it effectively Then, you ll dive straight into OTP and learn how it helps you build scalable, fault tolerant and distributed applications through several fun examples Come rediscover the joy of programming with Elixir and remember how it feels like to be a beginner again.