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[ Download Pdf ] ♱ The Life & Times Of Charlie Strickland ⚇ Growing up with a single mother and a socially popular older brother, Charlie Strickland learned way too young just how ugly and shallow the world is, and how difficult it is for an average joe like himself to find someone to share his life withIn his attempts to honor his mother s dying wish, which was for him to find someone who could put up with all his quirks, Charlie inadvertently set his path in a collision course with Josh Norman Josh was born with all the advantages Charlie lacked, but unlike Charlie, he was on a take no prisoner self destruct course to oblivionIn a bizarre twist of fate, Charlie traded his life with Josh, and he has to use everything life has taught him to fight his way back to the people he loved But luck wasn t on his side, as it hasn t been since the day he was born As he struggled to hold onto the memories of the people he cherished the most, Charlie has to outsmart Josh, who was hell bent on reclaiming his old life, outmaneuver Lee Preston, a trigger happy career criminal who was looking to settle a score with Josh, but ultimately, he has to overcome his own negative outlook on the new life that fate has forced upon him