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~Ebook ⚈ The Gadamer Reader: A Bouquet of the Later Writings ⚉ Gadamer Lesebuch was originally published in German inand was compiled and edited by Jean Grondin in consultation with Hans Georg Gadamer A cross section of writings by one of the twentieth century s greatest philosophers, the volume begins with an autobiographical sketch and culminates in a conversation with Jean Grondin that looks back over a lifetime of productive philosophical work The Gadamer Reader A Bouquet of the Later Writings richly conveys the scope and depth of Gadamer s thought, including his work in hermeneutics, aesthetics, and practical philosophy and his essays on Plato, Hegel, and Heidegger The sixteen essays contained in the German edition are augmented here by three others Gadamer s last essay on Derrida, Hermeneutics Tracking the Trace, and two writings on practical philosophy In addition, Palmer offers introductory remarks before each essay, explaining its importance in the context of Gadamer s writings and defining its essential terms Palmer makes this critically important philosopher clear and accessible to English speaking readers