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Loved the closing with the little girl showing Neil her book on the First Man to the Moon, then said, your name is Neil Armstrong too. ( Free Pdf ) ⚇ The First Men on the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11 ♶ The First Men on the Moon offers a lively definitive account of the Apollomission based on the in flight transcripts post flight debriefing, with illustrative contextual pictures, especially featuring recent scans of the original Hasselblad film and including conversations among the crew in the spacecraft that were not transmitted The introductory chapters review the motivation to land on the Moon by the end of the s, the development of the Saturn V rocket and the Apollo spacecraft as the means of doing so, the selection of potential landing sites, the precursor missions, and the backgrounds of the three men who were to fly ApolloThe final chapters will discuss what was learned of the moonrocks, and review the follow on missions In addition to having many small in line black and white illustrations with the text running around them, the book features the high resolution scans recently produced by NASA from the original Hasselblad film, reproduced in a substantial color section David Harland s impressive expertise in, and considerable experience wriring about, the Moon landings shines through and seemlessly unites the myriad detailsFrom the reviews of Harland s Exploring the Moon A detailed guide to what the astronauts did during their stays on the lunar surface Walk s the reader through the prospecting excursions and then incorporate s decades of subsequent analysis to put the explorations of dust, rocks, craters, and rilles into geologic context SKY TELESCOPE Very well illustrated All aficionados of the Apollo program will find much to appreciate in this book this is an interesting account of one of the most extraordinary decades in historya very different book David Harland probably knows about the nuts and bolts of the Russian and American space programs than any other author and it shows LUNAR PLANETARY INFORMATION BULLETIN