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Twisted thinking Mary Jane Curry is a new author to me and has penned a tale of a lady sleuth that guarantees a good read Dottie finds herself in a hell of a quandary and just when you think she can’t possibly get out of this in one book Ms Curry pulls it off She does a good job of keeping you interested and wondering who really did it I look forward to the next read from her.Happy Reading,The Official Dcbookreviewer It not very often that I read a crime based book that I have no clue what is going on it Hell, I think this was a first for me I had zero clue who the killer was and really what was going on I was learning as the main character was learning But the main character didn’t know who the killer was until he confronted her It was a pleasant surprise.The humor was there but it was very dry Too dry in some places maybe? Not really I am just very hard to please when it comes humor The selfdissing and people all pointing out her flaws did get a little old and harsh in some places But at the same time, it was very realistic and true to real life.The main thing I liked was just how unapologetic she is about who she is as a person She just doesn’t give a poop Even when people are digging at her, she just carries on being herself. Dotty Davis is not the average detective She's boozing, constantly cursing, is demoted to a file processing function before getting laid off Dotty finds herself attempting to stay out of reach of police officers, church officials, and neighbors each suspecting her to be heavily involved in a series of brutal killings Step by step the reader is drawn into this catfight, where truth and lies often collide, and at any time you would expect the detective being unmasked as the killer instead of helping to catch the real one.Quite a funny plot, so very much at odds with regular whodunnit fiction How she ends up in the news as the local PI that uncovers the murderous plot, is up to you to discover. The book wasn’t what I expected I love that Dotty doesn’t take crap from anyone She’s a strong, no holds barred kind of woman She’s funny but I do without some of bad language It is a good story and kept my interest. A very funny story of a over the hill lady detective who loves booze way to much, any kind will do A over zealous sex drive to go along with r drunkenness tends to make her forgetfull Read along as she stumbles along to solve her newest case! What can I say? At first, could I even like a suspense marked as a comedy After page ONE, I was hooked The Drunk Detective is a hoot and the satirical lines from Detective Dotty Davis are fun and right on the money.The novel opens with Dotty receiving a call from a male prostitute that lives in her apartment directly below her Apparently, his latest clienta Catholic nunhas left the covenant and found her way to make use of his services and dies beneath him After calling the local priest a man appears and helps Dotty remove the body, someone blows up the prostitutes apartment Dotty is the prime suspect And then, another clergy member is murdered Dotty also finds her way on the suspect's list for that murder, too The question is who is behind this? And why? Read to find out.The story is set in Philadelphia and there are many places that are recognizable that made the story feel at home, as I am a trueblueblood Philadelphian.A must read Five out of Five. `FREE DOWNLOAD ↛ The Drunk Detective: A Dotty Davis Comedy Suspense ↛ Dotty Davis belongs to that subgenre of hardboiled, sleazy, overweight, boozing, and otherwise disgusting private detectives increasingly offered as protagonists working for the betterment of humankind Nonetheless exhibiting a modicum of charm through her heavyhanded humor, Dotty proceeds to wiggle her way out of several murder charges after answering a middleofthenight call from the male prostitute living downstairs from her Soon after, Dotty, removed a dead, Catholic nun from his bed, someone rigs an explosion, sending the gigolo to the hospital And then there's dead bodies for Dotty to contend with, and both the police and a killer are looking for her