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Text to teachObjective Basic Understanding of the water cycle.During science, I will read Drop Goes Plop by Sam Godwin to the students and allow the students to study the illustrations and talk about each stage of the water cycle The class activity will encourage the students to play weatherman, explaining the water cycle to each other In the art class, have the students color the printed water cycle coloring page and arrange in the correct order and display their work on the bulletin board. (((Free E-pub))) ⇨ The Drop Goes Plop: A First Look At The Water Cycle ↝ Presents the epic journey of a drop of water from cloud to rain, river, bath, sewer, sea and back to cloud through the characters of a baby seagull and its mother This picture book introduces young children to the science concept of the water cycle Loved this Very appropriate for young children Illustrations over photos but colorful water colors with engaging varied text wrapping up and downNumbered pages tooA Easy explanation of the water cycle for pre k, kindy. The text bobs and weaves through lovely water color illustrations to describe the water cycle Two birds carry on a conversation about the water cycle to provide a running commentary on what happens to a drop of water, which falls from a cloud The birds speech bubbles sometimes interrupted the flow of the main story, but my young audience didn t seem to mind Also contains a glossary and an index. Not my favorite book to describe the water cycle For the target age group I did not think the illustrations flowed well The text was all over the page and the text bubbles interrupted the flow of the story and seemed distracting It is conversational though and the bird characters are cute. its fun easy nonfiction science book about the water cycle Pastel watercolor illustrations. K 2Water Cycle This is a cute book for pre k and kindergarten It is an excellent book to read during the topic about rain water cycle This book is creative and simple to understand.