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I had very high hopes, as I admire Dilbert strips in general and am a big fan of The Dilbert Principle A Cubicle s Eye View of Bosses Meetings Management Fads Other Workplace Afflictions, so, this was a bit of a disappointment.In the first half, it became so boring that I was skipping the text and only reading the strips, and even they weren t so good But the book really redeemed itself in the second half, somewhere around the chapter on the future of Marketing.It s a bit dated, written in 2000, so some predictions are not that great He did not see the coming of the iPhone and the shift to simple and yet technically advanced devices But then again, some of them are spot on, like The Internet and video technology will make it easy to share what we know with the world, and boy, will we share.And this was before Facebook or Twitter.And what to say about the last chapter No humor there, but it is immensely interesting, and I recommend you read it Overall, one can say it s a 3.5 5 based on 2nd half and the last chapter. This book was great It was funny from the start, and I wouldn t expect any less from Scott Adams Disclaimer I like his comics, and I would count them among my favourites, but it s pretty hit or miss Some I get right away and find hilarious and others I don t But this book was much funnier than any of his cartoons Only maybe the first few chapters were laugh out loud funny the entire time, but later chapters did have a few great moments It ended on a rather serious note But it was all very good and interesting Now you have to look at this book in a historical context it s meant to predict the future, and it was first published in 1997 the same decade I was born, in fact , and you have to recognise that a LOT has changed in the past two decades I don t even think he mentions cell phones because they weren t quite ubiquitous yet, although computers were I think pagers were about as portable as he got in terms of personal tech But that said, some of his predictions came true, some definitely didn t, and some still might It s really cool to think about, because it offers true historical insight in a way I can actually comprehend, i.e through humour I can relate how he describes the 1997 world to what I know about my parents lives around the time of my birth In some ways the world was a lot simpler then, but in other ways it was still complicated than I could comprehend when he talks about ISDNs or some acronym that I kept confusing with ISBN And in a very basic way, not much has changed at all A lot of his predictions were for the very grand future, and those things may still yet come to pass Some of his predictions involved technology branching off in ways different from what ended up happening Some of his predictions were basic enough to hold true in probably all circumstances His most frequent assertions were that people were inherently stupid, lazy, and horny Some predictions I m sure he made just for the fun of it, or rather wishful thinking Those probably won t come to pass But it was all very relatable I think this book will be enjoyed many years into the future This was my first Dilbert book I don t even have a collection of the comics, I am ashamed to say, though I definitely will someday I shall raise my kids on comics as I was I actually just noticed that it was the third in a series it happened to be the first my library had available to loan to me So I shall definitely be reading of them I have another waiting on my shelf I laughed a lot, learned a lot, and was thoroughly satisfied and entertained.See the full review on my book blog, Awesome Book Assessment. This is a nice book to get into the vision of the future by Scott Adams I specially enjoyed his specialties, work and technology If you read How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big , you will notice the references to future business projects by the author, like Dilberito.As the book was originally written in 1998, you will love the references to technology, as you will get into the vibes of that time The only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 4, is that some parts of the book seem to be very chaotic, making no sense at all to the reader. the 14th chapter worth twicw the entire book If you like snarky, self depreciating humor, Dilbert is for you I love it The only reasons that this is 4 stars instead of 5 is 1 I read it too late If I had read this book when it first came out, it would definitely have achieved 5 star funny As it stands, it is a bit outdated with some of the predictions actually having come to fruition already but it is very appropriate for a Throw back Thursday Facebook recollection and 2 Adams goes off the deep end a bit in the last chapter I m not sure if he thought no one would read through to the end of the book or what but it gets a little bizarro Adam s writes this book using predictions of the future in many different aspects He uses his comics to illustrate his points I will share some of my favorite quotes and predictions I can run faster than cheap panty hose on an itchy porcupine To me, computers are like tangerines, in the sense that I can t make a good analogy about either one of them right now There is a whole chapter about how life will NOT be like Star Trek and what it would look like if it were The inner geek in me squealed and of course I had to read parts to my husband PREDICTION 16 In the future, scientists will learn how to convert stupidity into clean fuel PREDICTION 28 In the future, women will rule the world in all democratic countries I base this predictions on two facts that cannot be disputed 1 Women already control the world 2 Who s going to stop them women get to squish men s fragile egos like Fudgsicles on a Los Angeles freeway cry free time of the month good old fun making of North Dakota sniff evidenceFrom the above cited, you should get a good feeling if you will enjoy this book or not I did love it. Scott Adams is a cartoonist He is not a stand up comedian nor is he Dave Barry, though this book makes it quite clear that he really wants to be Still, there is a reason he tells jokes in three panel comic strips instead of 30 minute monologues Here he addresses various aspects of life and makes tongue in cheek predictions, interspersed with Dilbert cartoons It was obviously written in sections rather than as a whole, and the entire time all I could think about was how much fitting these musings would be in somebody s blog than a hardbound tome published by Harper Business, especially since so many of the predictions have gone out of date since its publication such as his erroneous predictions for the futures of the cable modem and ISDN There were some vaguely amusing parts but nothing was anywhere near laugh out loud funny, and I had to yawn a bit at the tired women really rule the world section that idea was beaten to death decades ago and hasn t gotten any funnier in the meantime Frankly, the most humorous parts were the cartoons, and if I wanted to read those I could have just picked up a collection.The final chapter, A New View of the Future, was inappropriate in this context For this section Adams turned the humor mode off and discussed his personal philosophies They were interesting but did not fit whatsoever with the rest of the book His ideas on perception and cause and effect would also have been much compelling had he bothered to actually research any of the theories and experiments he mentioned I understand that the goal of this section was nothing than to make the reader think about the universe a little differently, but it would have been much effective had he spent an hour at the library finding a couple of references to cite Saying things like I ll simplify the explanation, probably getting the details wrong in the process, but you ll get the general idea does not instill in me a desire to take him very seriously That said, I am giving thought to trying out those affirmations.Despite the incongruity of the chapter, I still enjoyed it about as much as I did the rest of the book, but for different reasons the first part was vaguely amusing, the second vaguely intriguing Ultimately this felt like a Dilbert collection trying to be a Dave Barry book I think I ll stick with the comic strips from now on. The Dilbert Future Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century is another one of Adams books which looks at the insanity many of us face each day as we head to work for a large corporation It also looks at the future and offers a humorous perspective on the future of work, society, and the induhvidual Reading this book is like a one on one session with Scott Adams His perspective is not thinly veiled behind a cartoon strip, though there are many sprinkled throughout the book to better illustrate his points Most of what he writes is fairly humorous, and other parts are just odd In particular the last chapter A New View of the Future delves into the unexplained and unusual.If you read Dilbert often, then most of this book is very similar, though it is a different approach than receiving his observations through the comic strip It also means that there isn t all that much that will surprise you, as you will have encountered many of the described absurdities before Personally, I find the comic strip a enjoyable method of receiving Adams observations, but that is not to say that this is bad, it simply isn t as good in my opinion The last chapter is where the book provides something new, and for me it was the best part, not because I necessarily agree with some of Adams conclusions, but because he breaks away from his standard fare, and does make one think about a few of the many mysteries which are far from explained at this time Overall it is a quick and easy read, which gave me an enjoyable few hours I wouldn t say it was a great book, but there are far worse ways to pass the time Given the choice, I would take a book of the comic strips over this, but then again it is a chance to encounter Adams in a different format. I really envy people who could spin something so serious and nerdy into something hilarious I ve seen Dilbert comic strips before but was never really into it I guess having known management terms and practice would make you appreciate the jokes better The last chapter of the book was a bit heavy though But it just goes to show that Scott Adams is a deep thinking man of science and not simply a silly cartoonist I was surprised to learn that Scott Adams himself is a great believer of Affirmation and has been practicing it long before The Secret phenomenon was spread.Dilbert books would make a great gift for anybody in mid management level or perhaps those who ll be graduating for their MBAs hint hint Favourite Quote I m a sprinter than a marathoner when it comes to many aspects of life over short distance I can run faster But over long distance, I m not so impresive the smartest professionals will avoid becoming either managers or employees They ll have clients instead of bosses They will be blissfully independent.The attractive graduates of big name schools earn obscene salaries, buy expensive stuff, and die in freak accidents.The ugly ones enter academia Either way it s tragic people being willing to take the time to put information on the Net without the benefit of payment Why will people do that They will do it because that s our most basic human nature People like to talk than they like to listen. Ages terrible `Download Book ⇭ The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century ⇚ Step aside, Bill Gates Here comes today s real technology guru and his totally original, laugh out loud New York Times bestseller that looks at the approaching new millennium and boldly predictsstupidity ahead.In The Dilbert Principle and Dogbert s Top Secret Management Handbook, Scott Adams skewered the absurdities of the corporate world Now he takes the next logical step, turning his keen analytical focus on how human greed, stupidity and horniness will shape the future Featuring the same irresistible amalgam of essays and cartoons that made Adams previous works so singularly entertaining, this uproariously funny, dead on target tome offers half truthful, half farcical predictions that push all of today s hot buttons from business and technology to society and government.Children they are our future, so we re pretty much hosed Tip Grab what you can while they re still too little to stop us.Human Potential we ll finally learn to use the 90 percent of the brain we don t use today, and find out that there wasn t anything in that part.Computers Technology and homeliness will combine to form a powerful type of birth control.