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Someone just dropped off my present from the Relief Society It s a copy of The Christmas Box This is almost as bad as when the gift distributed at church on Mother s Day is a pamphlet about how good mothers should behave and then the dads get Snickers bars on Father s Day At least they didn t leave a candy bar for Dan along with The Christmas Box for me this time I bought a copy to read for a book club and when I expressed my opinion as to the merit of this book at said book club, I found myself in almost as much danger of being stoned as when I expressed a similar opinion of the Twilight series , so now I am the shamed owner of two copies of this wretched book If I d noticed what it was before the person left, I suppose I would have politely refused it Yes, politely It would have been difficult, but I d have refrained from mentioning that I am hard pressed to think of another book I despise as much as The Christmas Box and merely told her that I already own a copy Something in my soul rejects the idea of tossing even a book this lousy in the trash can, but it s time for a D.I run because I gotta get both copies of this book off my shelves I am annoyed by this book of little substance getting people thinking it s good because it made them cry with its sappy sentimentality Yeah, it involves the death of a child, so it invokes tears, from me along with all the other suckers I am offended at having had my emotions manipulated by the unadulterated drivel that is The Christmas Box. Usually, I m not the type of person to cry over books If I read something particularly sad, I usually end up sad for a little while, and then I m over it I m not quite sure what it was about this book but I ended up in tears Sure, the ending was sad, but it was beautiful, as well I have a younger brother, so the message that Mary was trying to make really hit home for me about loving what we have because we don t know how much longer we ll have it It s so true that oftentimes, everyone gets caught up in the Christmas season and forgets what it is truly about our Father giving up His only Son so that we may be forgiven and loved ourselves I really believe that people should read this little book it s not very long every year around this time, just as a touching reminder of the true meaning of Christmas I know that I will. I read The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans yesterday afternoon The best thing about it was that it was short I feel a little like Elaine from Seinfeld when she hated the highly acclaimed English Patient There must be something wrong with me That s the only explanation, right Don t get me wrong It s a sweet story A sad story and a good reminder of what is really, truly important especially at Christmas I get the message I gave my babies extra hugs last night.So, maybe my real problem with the book is actually the length There wasn t time to develop any of the characters very well I don t care about them yet It s hard to be too emotionally moved by a story if you just don t care about them. The Christmas Box is a moving story about the meaning of Christmas In this tale, it is children and the time parents spend with their children Time can never be replaced, and time itself is truly the most meaningful and memorable gift of all This story definitely urges the reader to reexamine priorities in life Very beautiful and heartfelt When I wrote The Christmas Box, I never intended to publish the story it was simply an expression of love for my two young daughters, Jenna and Allyson Though I often told them that I loved them, I didn t believe that they could ever really understand the depth of those feelings until they had experienced the joy of rearing their own children, and by that time our relationship would have already changed Forever In writing The Christmas Box, I hoped that at some future time they could read this book and know of their father s love.As I began to write, I was amazed at the inspiration which flowed into my mind and heart I completed the book in less than six weeks and, when I had finished, I produced twenty copies to give as Christmas presents to my family and friends In the next four weeks those twenty copies were shared from family to family, and friend to friend I never imagined that what began as a tale for two little girls would spread to millions throughout the world Richard Paul Evans, website My favorite quote The human life cycle no less than evolves around the box from the open topped box called a bassinet, to the pine box we call a coffin, the box is our past and, just as assuredly, our future It should not surprise us then that the lowly box plays such a significant role in the first Christmas story For Christmas began in a humble, hay filled box of splintered wood The Magi, wise men who had traveled far to see the infant king, laid treasure filled boxes at the feet of that holy child And in the end, when He had ransomed our sins with His blood, the Lord of Christmas was laid down in a box of stone How fitting that each Christmas season brightly wrapped boxes skirt the pine boughs of Christmas trees around the world Tidbits The Christmas Box made publishing history when it simultaneously became both the bestselling hardcover and the bestselling paperback book in America Suddenly, former advertising executive and clay animator Richard Paul Evans was a bestselling writer with a whole new career ahead of him.Richard Paul Evans parlayed his self published novel into a 4.25 million advance contract from Simon Schuster and established himself as one of the most financially successful authors of the 90s.The Christmas Box made history as the first self published novel to hit 1 on The New York Times best seller list as a self published book According to The Wall Street Journal, in 1995, The Christmas Box had the highest one week sales of any book in their list s history.The 1995 adaptation of The Christmas Box starring Maureen O Hara and Richard Thomas snared an Emmy for best costuming in a miniseries or special In 1997, Richard Paul Evans founded The Christmas Box House International, a foundation responsible for building shelters for abused, neglected, and homeless children throughout the world. [ Read Epub ] ♃ The Christmas Box ♭ Whatever the reason, I find that with each passing Christmas the story of the christmas box is told less and neededSo I record it now for all future generations to accept or dismiss, as seems them good As for me, I believe And it is, after all, my story So begins The Christmas Box , the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her Together they discover the first gift of Christmas and learn what Christmas is really all about The Christmas Box is a Christmas story unlike any other. What a beautiful story and great reminder about what the holiday season really should be about. Another heart warming tale that touched me from Richard Paul Evans I finished this book and then logged on to reserved the next one at my library His writing style imparts a simple path to truths that we take for granted His exposure of those truths provide genuine opportunities for emotional awakenings I think his stories are amazing I like his work as much as I have enjoyed Mitch Albom Take an afternoon and reflect on the true meanings he shows us in one of his books You will surely be so much better for the shared experience. This is a short read but an interesting short read.I give this 4 star. This was a really sweet book I loved the lesson learned of the true gift of Christmas, and the love that was shared between these people It was a really fast read and very touching, I thought that it depicted the true meaning of Christmas in a wonderful way We have all been given a wonderful gift of eternal life, and we should all acknowledge that fact on than the occasion of Christ s birth. I can t believe I read this corny book When it was first published, someone gave it to me, and I must have been bored becauseI actually read the thing It s short and simplistically written, a very quick feel good read I forgot all about it until now, which really says it all It s an unmemorable book, one of those Christmas stories dripping with sentimentality exactly like the goofy Christmas movies the Hallmark channel airs every Christmas season It s only goal is to warm the heart.